Supporting like Approved Contributors


Was having a think; the overhead of everyone out there submitting Merchant feedback (like logo’s, names, address) etc must be quite big. Plus the attention to detail of some people can vary a lot.

Maybe it’s worth having like a special status of ‘Approved Contributors’ for those who can be trusted to submit Merchant feedback or change them? For those special users - the changes could go live with little or no oversight and meanwhile any suggestions from others can go in the usual process.

It mean the Merchant information is a lot more up to date and a lot quicker; and doesnt have such a big burden on the Mondo team who can instead spend the time focusing in other areas.

If someone was to abuse this; you could see them instantly lose the status/perk. It help build the database a lot faster :slight_smile:

In return for those who earn this trusted status; they could get perks down the line as you go more commercial. Good rates on services/overdrafts etc as a trusted valuable customer.

Just an idea.


I would also love to have this. Obviously we would have to set some guidelines. I have been submitting quite a few, and I would consider myself to be obsessed with detail. :grinning:

(Rika Raybould) #4

Google Maps Local Guide is a good example of this kind of thing.

(Terry) #5

I would be up for this and would be even better if there was special perks, such as a slightly better intrest rate for savers or a slightly better rate for borrowers.

(Andrew Ross) #6

I’d be happy to do my bit as well. This is a great idea!


Great idea. It would be a brilliant way of keeping Merchant info accurate and up to date. I’d be more than happy to be a part of this.