Gamify Merchant Feedback

Similar to how Google Maps rewards contributors with awards/badges and feedback on their suggested edits, could Monzo implement the same thing when a user submits a Merchant name/location/logo correction?

Could this also extend that users peer review suggestions and the majority wins? This would reduce the load on Monzo reviewing every suggested edit?

Currently when submitting feedback, it goes into a black hole and you don’t get any feedback. Doesn’t encourage users to contribute more.

Perhaps the ‘best’ contributors could be rewarded with earlier access to features, small rebates into accounts or visit to Monzo HQ etc etc

Just a thought…


Great idea, it’s been suggested a few times in the past. I don’t think they have any short term plans to change how it works at the moment though. (Never say never).

What you’ve suggested would work really well in my opinion.


Yes! I wish :monzo: had started off building their data using a crowdsourced system like foursquare!


Even getting badges on the community would be good!