Support Queue - Ways to Improve?

This is NOT a thread about slow response times.

I recently needed to speak to Bunq support, and they seem to have a new system. You put in your question and tell them when you would like a reply. I don’t agree with the options, I think I would prefer within ten minutes (with an extra popup confirming that it is genuinely urgent), within 4 hours and within 24 hours. Of course there is an argument that all questions should be answered within ten minutes, but there will always be peaks and troughs on support teams demands.

Whilst there will still be the same number of support queries going in, at least they could be put into some form of priority order and manage expectations of when a reply would be, as opposed to the current system of telling you know the current wait time (which varies widely). Thoughts? Are there other ways that it could be improved based on the assumption staff levels and number of queries going in remains proportinally the same?


Surely the majority will just pick 8 hrs? No matter how unimportant I can’t see someone willing to wait 3 days for an answer?

The solution is to just answer queries in a timely fashion in the order that they arrive. If support is running slow and the query isn’t sensitive/personal they could be directed here as an option to get an answer quicker? Maybe that could help clear the backlog :man_shrugging:


I kinda of addressed all of your reply already in the OP :+1:

Yep I read. I was agreeing :smiley:

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Every queue should have a current average response time, and every item in that queue will be +/- that time.

Trends and reports will show this, and then these things can be acted upon.

Those are my presumptions, and until that level of things is sorted out, then no further improvements are needed. Once that has been improved upon and is deemed ‘acceptable’ then it’s time to look at improvements to the flow/functionality etc.

Feasibly you could do these in parallel but you might end complicating what is happening (both in a positive and a negative way).

Just my tuppence.

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This is the problem, staffing levels need to rise.

What’s the triangle thing again? You can pick two from three options to get a job done. Good, Fast, or Cheap. You can’t have all three. Wonder if Monzo are currently focusing on Fast as the short term ‘fix’ (which I think is correct) with Cheap as a secondary aim.

Toggles are better :sunglasses:

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I don’t disagree, but for the context of this post I was wondering about something which can scale proportionatally as the company grows. Just adding more and more staff eases the queue levels of course, but it isn’t necessarily a financially sound solution, I think it needs to be a combination of things to improve and to manage expectations :slight_smile:

Edit - I edited the OP to clarify about proportionality staying the same.

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Agreed all round! Contact Centres are notoriously tricky to balance but there are many good examples out there (some of which I MAY have been involved in in a previous life!)

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Could AI be used to determine the estimated priority of a ticket? Not particularly human but I’m sure it could help.

Both Azure / AWS have text analytics offerings

In all seriousness, having to go through AI first might make a number of people leave.

I for one can’t stand having to talk to AI bots that are wrong in their suggestions 99% of the time


I don’t mean going through AI as a step. I mean analysing the initial messages from the customer to rate the severity/priority in the background transparently.

The very basic AI they have at the moment is awful.

That’s because most “AI bots” don’t actually use any AI. They basically match words in your messages to words in their library of questions.


I’m more annoyed that someone felt that 72hrs was an acceptable option to present!

I’m not saying that all issues should be rectified within 3 days but they should at least be acknowledged within 24hrs at the latest.

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