✅ Support for Samsung Pay

You can now get Samsung Pay via Curve, which means Monzo can be used with Samsung Pay (just not natively). This works by Samsung Pay -> Curve -> Monzo.

  1. Download and signup to Curve
  2. Add your Monzo card to Curve
  3. Add your Curve card to Samsung Pay

I’m still hopeful Monzo adds it natively, but this is a great workaround for now :slight_smile:

I’ve done this with my Gear S3 Frontier and it’s working great.


Another voucher for Samsung Pay now working via curve, it’s great to have a method of using my monzo card on my watch now.


How did you get it to activate? I just keep getting errors … And I can’t add my postcode in (it only offers the option to enter numbers, not text)

I used the galaxy wearables app.

Have you added another card to your samsung pay first? Maybe that will lock in the details and allow curve to work.

Presumably that works as Curve use GPS as for Starling and (currently) Revolut?

Yep, Monzo working on Samsung pay via Curve! Used it last night while at the flicks! Great that I can now use my card on my galaxy watch :wink:

Out of interest, what does it show as on the Monzo app? Does it just show Curve?

But you could have just used your card? Is that not the idea of it?

I am looking at Curve also but for other reasons. The go back in time feature is amazing!

Transactions are prefixed with CRV* - here’s what one of the transactions looks like at the bottom of the transaction screen:

(For those with screen readers it says CRV*Caffe Nero London GBR)

Monzo enriches the data more or less the same, though, with the only difference is that it comes through as an online transaction, so no map:


Having a sticky to the Samsung Pay vote would be great.

I’ve just had to scroll up for about 10 minutes and though about a year and a halfs worth of posts to get to the vote.

No wonder it’s lacking!

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On mobile if you tap the title at the top it takes you to the first post with the vote

I assume it’s similar on the computer


Well sh!t!! How on Earth did I not know this.


Thanks, that’s really cool! :+1:

On a Windows comp, press ‘Home’* to get to the first post and ‘End’* to get to the last. Very quick.

*Both are usually at the top-right of a keyboard, depending on manufacturer and keyboard layout.

You can also click the number of posts in the bottom right hand corner and you get a scrollbar for quick whizzing!

And on the desktop, you can click the date at the top or bottom of the ‘timeline’ scroller on the right to go to the first or last post.

Ahhh. That makes sense.

I think quite a few will miss voting if they don’t know this so thanks for the heads-up!

I’ve contributed to this thread many times yet hadn’t voted. Definitely a fail on my part.

I would love see monzo add Samsung pay soon x

An alternative is to use Curve which does support Samsung Pay and then have your Monzo card as your payment card - I use this on my Samsung watch and it works without issue.

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FYI it isn’t allowed in any thread. All referrals need to go into the referrals topic :slight_smile: