✅ Support for Samsung Pay

This is allowed though in this same thread a few posts above?

Horses for courses to be honest I really don’t mind and won’t happen again.

The magical Monzo pixies can’t correct something (like a referral code being shown) unless they get told about it. They’re magic, not god-like.

I’ve just flagged that post for you now, a task which would have been easier than tracking down a post, taking a screen shot and posting it, but hey ho.

Who is to say I didn’t do that as well?

I’ve edited it to remove the link

Of course as you’ve now posted a screenshot with the link in…,


It seems like this is slowly progressing up the list as more people adopt Samsung watches! I will be trying out the Curve work around until Monzo finally integrate with Samsung pay!

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Absolutely. Can’t believe they don’t yet have Samsung pay. Makes the app pretty useless to me

Unfortunately Samsung Pay hasn’t managed to make it into the top 10 suggestions on votes yet, so that probably isn’t helping it get prioritised :frowning:

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This is something I’d like to vote for, but cannot find the option to vote? (new user here)

Scroll to the top of this page and at the side of the title is a vote button :slight_smile:

I’d like to add my support for enabling Monzo on Samsung Pay.

Has my support. Samsung is the choice of the majority of Android users. Samsung Pay is far better than Google Pay.

How is Samsung Pay better?
Ive not been able to use it myself so just curious?

I cannot believe that this is still a question. With the Wear OS problems, Samsung is offering some of the only sensible Smart watches.

Starling are onboard, this needs to happen for Monzo in order to provide all round eco-system offering.

This has been going on for 3 years, can you just get this sorted, please?

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Monzo have already said no. There’s not enough demand and they’ve more important things to do*.

*These are not their exact words, I’ve summarised it for you :sweat_smile:


GPS are. When they switch away I’d be surprised if it still works.


Are Starling switching away from GPS?

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I’ve used both and literally the only advantage is the Samsung smart watch support.

Sorry but for me there are far more important things Monzo should be spending their time on at the moment to improve their core product, cheque imaging, and international payments being two of them.


Sweeping presumption. Figure they can’t / won’t want to stay with them forever.

Samsung Pay also requires authentication for every transaction, where Google pay does not. That to many, myself included, is a big advantage.

Having said that, this probably does not trump any of Monzo’s other priorities right now.

One person would call this a feature, another would have the same view you do :man_shrugging:t5:

I don’t mind it, it’s still more secure than the contactless card in my wallet and I guess the transport feature in Samsung Pay means that it does do the same thing to an extent.

There is a workaround by the way if you’d rather lock things down. If you set your default NFC Payments app to Samsung Pay or anything else, then Google Pay will still work but only when you’ve unlocked your phone and you’re inside the app.