Support for Samsung Pay

Doesn’t look like it.

No, it’s one of the reasons I have stuck with HSBC whilst having less than capable phones because the watch works even so - but now it’s time to just admit they won’t do it and stick with Gpay - I used to use a few mag terminals so it was a blessing - but HSBC need to go so I am so mad at them I will give up Samsung Pay to get rid of their arses!

I am full Samsung for phone and a few watches and soon to be full Monzo, yes it would be good but hurrah for Gpay in the meantime!

I read on this forum that in order to get Monzo’s support for samsung pay it requires some number of requests, so here is mine.

Samsung just released new watch Active 2. Based on reviews and hype it is the strongest contender for apple watch from android point of view. I presume that many people such as myself who never decided to actually buy a smartwatch for the various reasons will do a move on it now. It is fresh simplistic and functional like apple watch. Saying that the only thing that keeps me from buying it at the moment is that I can’t use it for my daily purchases. The watch doesn’t support google pay, and Monzo doesn’t support samsung pay. I have written a customer feedback to Samsung, asking for google pay and it is only fair to ask Monzo to support Samsung Pay. Whoever is first will have my eternal gratitude for making my life and payments this much easier. Cheers

Really you would need to ask Google and Monzo, Samsung watch’s dont run android, they run their own OS called Tizen which is why google pay isnt on it. Google would need to support Tizen OS to add google pay to it presuming samsung wouldnt block it.


+1 very true

I partly get the point that monzo wants to prioritize features and really polish things, and not rush any new features that people wouldn’t be happy with. However adding support for those platform (not only Samsung pay, I know that a fair amount of people use Garmin as well as other brands) seems like a free win - if you don’t need it, you don’t have to use it, and as a feature is completely non-obstructive.

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