Support for Samsung Pay

Its more about Samsung watches


How many users do you need to request it?

There would be no fixed amount - the votes are only indicative

A combination of available resources, demand here and stats to show increased use in the population would all combine to show it might be worthwhile to develop

How does that difference reflect to us as a customer?

People, the man has spoken. Make you sure you Do try to add your Monzo to Samsung Pay. I’m sure there’s lots of us that didn’t do it because we already knew that it wouldn’t work!

Load up your guns!

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With the new Galaxy Watch Active being so popular I hope you guys bring out Samsung Pay! Ive just opened a Starling Account to use it :full_moon_with_face:


I did the same.

I might get try out starling actually. Bit disappointed in the progress recently on the tech features in favour of the legacy bank type things.

new galaxy watch owner here and no samsung pay is a bummer especially as none of my 3 regular payment options - legacy bank, funky bank or cc provider support it. changing legacy bank isn’t a solution for me, cc neither, so that leaves funky bank. Before i joined Monzo a few years back i just went with the flow at the time.

Looks like (at least for those eager to use samsung pay) that flow is moving towards starling, which by the looks of it is pretty much the same, just a different colour card. shame cause i really like the Monzo one:)

Keep it up Monzo.


I would love Samsung pay on Monzo, just like everyone else, I have a galaxy watch and would love to be able to use the service.

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I dont think its fair that monzo allowed Apple pay for people with iphones but what about people with Samsungs who want Samsung Pay

They have Google Pay support.
Monzo had to support Apple Pay because that’s the only NFC payments solution available on iOS, whereas any device that supports Samsung Pay also supports Google Pay.


Yh but for people with a smart watch

Cant get google pay on a samsung watch

There were huge debates about this last year. The response from Monzo was that, looking across all customers, there were very few who had devices that could not use Google Pay. Now that user numbers are ramping up, the demographic may change, so perhaps they’ll review.


Get Google Pay.

Google pay is ok on the phone but no on my watch and plus samsung pay offer more stuff then google pay

Hope you don’t mind but I’ve merged the thread with an existing one regarding Samsung pay support :slight_smile:


Na its ok

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