Support for Samsung Pay


Most digitally developed legacy bank is Barclays… in my opinion…

(Nathan Steer) #272

HSBC never did this on their android mobile app either while I was with them iirc. Although according to my mum, their tablet app did…

(Gareth) #273

First direct still don’t. People have been asking them for years and they haven’t done it. That, their silly security measures and the fact they have only just done PDF statements really make me think they don’t deserve best bank for mobile and Internet banking

(MikeF) #274

If you mean pending transactions, I’ve had those with FD in the app from well before Monzo introduced them

(Gareth) #275

It shows pending Direct Debits and credits (like my salary payment) but I don’t see card transactions for 2-3 days and it’s really frustrating. Sure, the available balance updates but sometimes I forget what I’ve bought (as silly as it sounds) and I don’t feel as in control as I do with Monzo

(MikeF) #276

Ah, probably fair. Back when I was using it regularly all card transactions were credit card so I wouldn’t have noticed that subtlety.

(William Garner) #277

Hey All,

Read through all your forum chat and can understand both sides.

I’ve just got my new Samsung Galaxy Watch. The device is epic, I did a lot of shopping around before choosing the watch and from what I can see, a lot of manufacturers are moving away from Wear OS, first Samsung then LG and now Huawei. Even the upcoming Pixel Watch wasn’t announced so despite the new Qualcomm wearable chip launch, no major manufacturers are currently making Wear OS devices with the latest chip but seem to be doing their own thing with their own OS’s.

Samsung is currently 2nd in market share behind Apple so I don’t see why Samsung Pay is getting overlooked. Especially as Samsung pay is adopted by many Samsung phone users as well as watch users.

I completely understand where you are coming from @simonb however, this is likely to be a growing area for the number of users requesting Samsung Pay. The Galaxy Watch is a massive success with stocks pretty much unavailable everywhere as they are flying off shelves, partly due to great features with massive battery life. At the moment the only competitor on Android I see is when Google finally decide to release a new watch. Using wearables seems to be the future and being able to show off Monzo working on the tube is a big plus point for potential customers. It may not seem like an initial high ROI decision but could make a huge difference down the line for customers deciding to use Monzo.

I read an interview piece with a senior exec from Monzo following further investment and discussing how Monzo can become significantly profitable which requires to convert users to use Monzo as their primary bank account. Personally many of the users above won’t use Monzo as their main bank account where they will store their incomes and savings if they can’t use features that other banks offer like support for Samsung Pay through NFC as they will have to revert to their other account.

Anyway thanks for your hard work and support from the Monzo team, would be great to see something like this added to the plan as makes logical sense in the long-run.


It’s a shame Monzo don’t care much about Android customers.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re losing a lot of potential customers to Starling or any other bank.

There’s no reason for me to personally keep using Monzo as my secondary if Monzo doesn’t drastically improve their Android app and support for things.

I could never switch to making Monzo my primary unless Monzo dedicated as many resources to Android as IOS and supported many things that Legacy banks support.

The legacy banks I’m with support Samsung Pay and many other things. Monzo treating their Android customers like this is wrong. I thought legacy banks had problems but Monzo has just as many only they’re not the same issues as traditional banks.

(Carl Barrett) #279

Where are you seeing this?

(Andre Borie) #280

It’s a shame Monzo don’t care much about Android customers.

It’s not that they don’t care about Android. They just don’t care about yet another knockoff payment scheme. They do support Google Pay fully. Not their fault if you were conned into buying a device that doesn’t support it.

(Nathan Steer) #281

Firstly, I don’t think anyone was “conned” into buying these devices.

Secondly, Samsung pay is very much a valid payment platform that people should have the option of choosing if they so wish. After all, choice benefits consumers and drives innovation. Forcing everyone into only 1 option per major OS drives stagnation and only serves the 2 companies providing them.

I personally prefer Samsung pay over Google pay, it’s not enough to stop me using Monzo, but it may be to others.

Finally, I feel like your persistent negativity and prejudice on this topic is extremely unhelpful and you are not providing anything constructive to the conversation with it.

(Andre Borie) #282

If Samsung Pay was an open standard that other manufacturers can use, I would agree with you. However, supporting yet another payment scheme won’t solve anything regarding “stagnation” nor serving only the originating company (you’d be serving 3 companies now instead of 2).

All this will do is drive up prices for everyone because banks now have to support 10 different Google Pay knockoffs in addition to the original Google Pay.

you are not providing anything constructive to the conversation with it.

Am I not allowed to hold a negative opinion about a company that wants to have the cake and eat it too? I feel like I’m bringing up valid points as to why implementing this feature would be a huge waste of time and make the market worse as a whole.

(Nathan Steer) #283

You can most certainly hold a negative view, that’s fine. I do feel like you raised valid points earlier on in the thread, but most of your more recent posts in here have been of a similar ilk to the one I replied to (which I don’t feel provided anything constructive), also the way that you pose your argument matters a lot in this regard. Referring to things as

doesn’t really help your argument.

Your point about this choice not doing anything to solve stagnation is fair to a point. Even with Samsung pay only being on Samsung devices, it is a payment platform that Google have to compete with. Competition inherently prevents stagnation as each provider needs to try and win over their potential customer base.

(Andre Borie) #284

Do you think we will be better off if there was no Apple/Google Pay and we instead had 10 different mobile payment solutions for each device model/manufacturer? If you’re into IT, have a look about whether having dozens of different Linux distributions has helped Linux gain marketshare on the desktop.

it is a payment platform that Google have to compete with

I don’t think Google has to compete with it at least not yet. I would understand the need for competition if Google (or Apple) did something wrong with their payment scheme (and such a time might come and I’ll be the first to support competition in that case), but in the meantime I just don’t see any problems with Google Pay that would be fixed by having more competition.

each provider needs to try and win over their potential customer base

I don’t think anyone chooses a phone based on their supported payment solution. If someone wants a Samsung (because of the design or camera quality for example) they are unlikely to reconsider it and buy a Huawei instead even if “HuaweiPay” is the only thing their bank supports. They will just not use mobile payments. The industry (not just mobile but also banking) will be worse off as a whole because the added fragmentation decreases mobile payment adoption (which is more secure and helps reduce fraud).

More fragmentation is the last thing Android needs.

(Patrick) #285

By this logic they shouldn’t be bothering with Apple Pay.

(Andre Borie) #286

Compromises had to be made to help Monzo gain market share. I wouldn’t blame Monzo for it, but I would blame the card schemes for allowing the idea of Apple Pay/Google Pay to begin with.

They should’ve just allowed one open standard where the bank exposes an API endpoint and any device implementing the protocol can submit credentials (physical card number + 2FA, or online banking logins) and get back a new card number & the keys necessary to transact. Manufacturers can still call it Apple Pay or Samsung Pay or Huawei Pay but the underlying protocol being open means the banks don’t have to do any extra work (nor even be aware) of any new manufacturers that decide to support the protocol.

I still hope we get there eventually but in the meantime I don’t think supporting every single knockoff payment scheme is a good investment of Monzo’s time. Let’s assume they do support Samsung Pay; what’s gonna be next? Garmin Pay? Fitbit Pay? Badger Pay?

(William Garner) #287

Both Huawei and Samsung moved away from Wear OS. Bear in mind Samsung is the biggest seller of Android smartwatches. Granted there are a lot of new brands like Fossil, Diesel etc creating Wear OS devices but their market share is much lower. Samsung is the market leader and the only other brands I can see overtaking them would be down the line, Huawei and Xiaomi will continue to expand while both not offering Wear OS. The top 5 smartwatch manufacturers don’t use Wear OS in their latest devices (Apple are obviously number 1), so 4 of the top selling smartwatches don’t use Wear OS.

(Nathan Steer) #288

Of course Google needs to compete with Samsung on their payment platform. Samsung is the largest mobile device manufacturer.

As user of a Samsung device I have the option of using either Samsung pay or Google pay. Each provider needs to sell the benefit of using their platform over the others. Therefore they both need to keep trying to think of new features or better implementations of features in order to win me over.

Google and Apple shouldn’t need to do something wrong in order to have competition. Competition is what drives prices down (unless you get shady boardroom deals) and ensures the best possible quality product for consumers as each provider tries to win customers to their platform.

(Carl Barrett) #289

The latest non-wear os watch from Huawei, the GT, doesn’t even have NFC.

I’ve seen the new Samsung watch and it’s very nice. The owner does complain that he has to type his pin in every time he uses Samsung pay. If that is definitely the case and he hasn’t got the settings wrong then that would do my head in (but then I wouldn’t buy something that isn’t compatible with my bank choice in the first place).

(William Garner) #290

Yeah, although I can imagine if they decide to release a new model they may decide to continue with not using Wear OS. Yeah the Samsung watches seem to be the best in the market, even the S3 was pretty awesome. Either way, they dominate the Android wearables market.

I also think a lot of people assume that as it has NFC, Monzo would work, while Samsung clearly offer the best watch model for Android users shown by their current dominance and selling out everywhere. They are only going to increase their market-share through this way, so they might as well start to develop for Samsung Pay.