Support for Samsung Pay

(Kevyn) #251

It’ll last a long time.

Monzo has no inventive to take customers from Starling. Starling are smaller than Monzo right now and there are millions upon millions of potential customers with legacy banks.

(Nathan Steer) #252

That’s fair enough. But is there any way of getting the stats for the number of legacy bank customers that use Samsung Pay (in the legacy banks that support it) as a metric of potential customers that may be attracted from them if Monzo supported the platform?

Considering that current customer base isn’t really the only factor here, especially with Monzo focusing quite heavily on growth right now. Potential customer base needs to be taken into consideration too.

In all honesty, as much as I would love Samsung Pay, I doubt that the potential customer base from offering the payment platform would really be significant enough to invest the time and effort either. But definitely something that should be taken into consideration.


This really bugs me (probably irrationally) but I get it at the same time. They want to take customers from legacy banks and not canibalise each other but at the same time I would imagine to most people (those not invested in a way us forum users are) they are competitiors


I suppose that they’re competing with each other to attract folk away from the high street banks? :man_shrugging:


Yeah most likely. Most people however are still unaware you can have more than one bank account so they’ll view Monzo and Starling as direct competitiors

(Ongbak) #256

+1 for Samsung Pay. Intending to purchase the Samsung Watch, so really want this! How much would it cost Monzo to develop Samsung Pay support? If we tried crowd funding for this would they add support then?

(MikeF) #257

Short answer, No.

It’s not an issue of money, it’s an issue of priority.

If a hypothetical crowd-funded engineer were supplied to Monzo, I would expect them to be used on the ‘next’ priority on the product roadmap. That still wouldn’t be Samsung Pay.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #258

Plus it isn’t going to be a one-time payment for it to implemented. It will need maintaining, updating and testing when other new features are added to Monzo to make sure it plays nice with them.

(James) #259

tl;dr pixel 2 xl + galaxy watch user, +1 for Samsung Pay support

First of all, let me highlight again a demographic that seems to be missing from the discussion a fair amount: My phone is a Pixel 2 XL, recently I have been extremely happy with the Monzo features I have been getting on my phone. (I was initially disappointed when I switched from iOS to android in Nov. 2017) but the summary graph and etc has all be improved massively on the android side of things now and I don’t feel like I am missing anything now from the app that I would greatly want.

Unfortunately, as a previous owner of the LG G Watch, Huawei Watch 2 and more recently the Samsung Galaxy Watch. I am very much of the opinion that Samsung (at least currently) has the smartwatch hardware interface absolutely nailed. I am by no means a Samsung fanboy (having never owned a Samsung device before this) but I think they are so far ahead of the competition with their implementation of the bezel to navigate menus. Even my friends with Apple watches have complemented it. Not to mention how much smoother Tizen seems to feel compared to wearOS.

I don’t see myself switching to wearOS until there is a device that comes close to the usability of the galaxy watch in this respect. I understand and respect that there are other, more widely sought after, features ahead of this in the pipeline. I still can’t help but be a little disappointed that I can’t use my watch for things like this, especially for things like contactless payments on a bus etc. where I don’t want to faff around getting my phone out of it’s zip-pocket (screw moped thieves!).

Of course, I only have the non-LTE version of the galaxy watch, so I almost always have my phone with me to use, it’s just a little less convenient and convenience that brought me to Monzo in the first place.

I don’t write this under the expectation that it will change how Monzo regards it’s priority, more to highlight to people here why an otherwise Google/Android using person would choose/want to use Samsung Pay and also why using the demographic of smart phones to gauge potential interest in this may be somewhat erroneous (as I would just appear to them as a Pixel 2 user).

(Brandon Billingham) #260

I think the biggest shame here is Samsung pushing their own payment agenda and not adopting Google’s on Tizen.

Maybe in some ways it’s good for competition but all these payment options just create a lot of work for banks and in the end doesn’t feel good for consumers.

(Nathan Steer) #261

As far as I’m aware, Samsung doesn’t stop google pay being on Tizen. But it would be on Google to add support for that OS, as with any other app developer.

Also, I would argue that having choice should always the favourable option for consumers. Less choice only favours the businesses running the limited options available, and reduces innovation.

(Brandon Billingham) #262

One thing I do find a little surprising is Santander supports all of the mobile payment options.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #263

Why surprising?

(Brandon Billingham) #264

Shit bank with shit digital offerings.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #265

Oh OK. Haven’t had anything to do with Santander since I remortgaged away from it in 2013.

Funnily, I always think it must be quite good because the Santander ‘fintechy’ team was represented at a Q&A with Tom Blom and Tandem’s Ricky Knox I attended way back in 2016 when Mondo was being born.

(Brandon Billingham) #266

I mean if we are saying good compared to the old CO-OP bank app sure, it had the basics locked down.

(Thomas Poole) #267

I really hope I’m able to use samsung pay in the future with monzo it’s my first and only negative for monzo. Baring all the previous arguments that the majority don’t have Samsung or that it’s Samsung fault that they only let you use Samsung pay for there wearables. The unfortunate fact is that i can’t use my monzo account to the fullest capabilities because I can’t use this missing feature.

(Matthew Wolffsohn) #268

Really? I’ve always found Santander the most digitally developed of all the banks I’ve used. At the very least it was the only bank I’ve used that let me login with just a PIN going back historically.

(Andre Borie) #269

it was the only bank I’ve used that let me login with just a PIN

I mean it’s not a high bar after all… :joy:

I know Santander’s iOS app still had the pre-iOS 4 app icon well after iOS 10 was released if I remember right, and according to reviews they still don’t support displaying pending transactions in the app. This says enough for me.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #270

I’m not 100% sure, because I haven’t got one, but I think that they display pending transactions for the credit card, but not the debit card, weirdly.