Supermarket refusing to pay wages into Monzo account

I have worked for a large Green supermarket chain for 5 weeks now, last Friday I never received wages into my monzo current account. When I contacted HR they claimed that monzo was a offshore bank account and due to government rules they cannot legally pay my wages into a monzo account, they wouldn’t listen to me when I explained this wasn’t the case. In the end they stated that the payroll company will not accept my monzo account as valid, its not their responsibility to get my wages into my account if ‘the conputer says no’ and I have to open another bank account to be paid into.

Has anyone else had this issue?

They are talking total rubbish. Did you supply them your account details - did you get the sort code correct?


Well if the NHS and HMRC has no issues paying into a monzo account then it kind of proves that your HR are idiots


I’ve heard it all now. Monzo is an offshore account?

Yes, I like to keep all my round-ups from my Aldi trip in an account in the Caymans, don’t you know…

Edit: It sounds like their system doesn’t recognise the Monzo sort code, but how they go from that to offshore bank I have no clue.

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Yes, ive triple checked my details, they are point blank refusing to pay into my account

and my previous two employers!

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Presuming the green supermarket is ASDA then it would be very surprising if the OP was their only employee using Monzo


The weird thing is when I input my sortcode into the self-service website it does autopopulate the bank as monzo

Get them to provide that info about the reason why they won’t allow Monzo in email or letter form. Then destroy them.


This was meant for retailers that were having problems with Monzo back in the day. But it might be useful to send it on to HR:

Such bad luck, though, having so many employers who just said no.


Okay, a proper suggestion from me, rather than my usual nonsense.

Have you considered escalating to a manager in HR? This sounds like nonsense, and frankly it needs sorting.


Hayley Tatum is “Chief People Officer” according to the Asda website (I’m presuming it’s them).

(who makes up these titles?)

Can’t find an email or contact, but she’s on Linkedin (


I find it hard to believe that no one from Asda, one of the UK’s largest employers, has their salary paid into Monzo…


It’s the only green retailer chain I could come up with, alas! It could be someone else?

But, agreed, Asda will have employees with a Monzo account, statistically speaking.


I have some experience of HR/Payroll etc: this sounds like one of two things:

Back when Monzo was only a prepaid card they possibly would have have had SOP’s in place for the administrators of someone tried to list it as their bank account - maybe this hasn’t been updated in the office your documents were processed in.

Human error on the part of the administrator who dealt with your on boarding documents

It’s (almost) impossible that the system wouldn’t recognise a Monzo sort code - I’m guessing that, with the nonsense of ‘offshore account’ it’s the latter.

Escalate it up don’t open a new account!

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I like your thinking

The last time I rang hr they refused to speak to me saying I have to go through my manager, they seemed taken aback when I said I’m discussing my wage so I’m fully entitled to ring them

unfortunately I have a mortgage/bills to pay and food to buy so I’ve had to cave. Im still going to chase it up as far as I can as its totally not fair, I can borrow money off family for a short time, but other people won’t be in such a lucky position to have the support I have.


I hate reading stories like this. It’s as if because some moron somewhere hasn’t personal experience of something then what they’re being told couldnt possibly be right.

Tell them to look up the Bacs website sortcode checker and see if thats enough proof to them


I like your thinking, obviously I cannot mention the company as their online social media policy is to dismiss anyone who put them in a negative light online

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