Supermarket Fuel vs Store Transactions

So this Seems a simple enough request and unsure why its still not been progressed form the 2 other threads of :-
[Morrisons supermarket and Morrisons Petrol category]
[Why can't Monzo differentiate between supermarket grocery & fuel spend?]

which seemed to of died off with no definitive answer for all…

I shop a lot at Sainsburys store fuel and their local stores but all transactions will either be transport or groceries depending on which one I last selected against a transaction as I have to do this manually (currently)

Now on for Sainsbury’s they differentiate if it was a fuel transaction with PFS in the transaction location, for a Local store it has LOC in there and a main store would either have SACAT or no prefix

It looks similar in these previous threads for other supermarkets where they visit the fuel and it physically has “Fuel” in the location so surely there would be a way to interrogate the location to determine the category and if a person choses to change it after that then it remembers their choice.

I guess what I want to know is can it be done? is it being actively looked into? and when will it be done like Summer/Autumn this year? as it makes the summary pages a bit defunct if you have to go through every transaction just to make sure its in the correct category.



Yeah I’m considering changing to starling purely because of this

This needs to be fixed. It’s been going on a while now. I can see how it’s fustrating.

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