Summary upcoming spending is now longer listed in the category

I’ve noticed in the last few updates summary no longer gives you the upcoming spending that is going to occur e.g reoccurring spending and Bills. It now just gives you the value of what is actually been spent only and doesnt account for the expected upcoming spending.

Personally, I find this counter productive as it means I cannot easily plan my funds out. I keep having to use a calculator to work out how much committed spending is coming out as it no longer tells me my upcoming spend.

Please tell me this is returning?

My committed spending section total still includes upcoming and the categories have a little ‘upcoming: £x’ underneath the totals. No change here (android)

Mine Is definitely different and not correct I’ve just included a screenshot of the section in my summary and what the actual Bill’s are and you can see it doesnt add up. 20200312_233539|690x281

I don’t see what’s different or incorrect there? Those numbers all add up to 414 like your total

It doesn’t take into account the upcoming payment which actually when added up (including the upcoming) comes to £426 in past versions. The summaty would have read £414 ( £12.00 upcoming )

This is only telling me what has gone out it is not giving me any indication to any further out goings.

That’s my problem with it. Its counter productive as it doesnt give that information which for me is important.

Yeah my bad did the maths when I was sleepy. Are you Android or iOS? Mine still shows upcoming

I still have that on iOS as well

I’m on android
Device samsung S10 android 10
On the latest monzo version 3.23.1

Hi @Hazz340 Have you got in touch with the in-app support about this? They’ll be able to look into this in a bit more detail than we can on the community :blush:

I did contact them. They cant fathom it. I cant either I just did my calculations for upcoming spending and it displayed this time but still incorrect.

It’s rather irritating to be honest that I couldn’t get a concrete answer but anyway. It’s not the end of the world.

Maybe there is a hidden upcoming?

If you did the math the upcoming is all there and that adds up to £512 rather than the upcoming value of £451 hence my problem

Was trying to figure out which one it wasn’t including with the missing £61

Oh figured it out, it is the sum of all your payments from 9th and 23rd April. It must not include them because they are fairly far in the future. So either outside this summary period or it only includes payments in the next week

Just noticed your summary period, so have you recently changed it?

I havent changed anything. My summary period doesnt change it’s based on my pay date the 27th of every month so I am puzzled as to why it would ignore payments.

I would assume it should take into consideration all payments within the summary period 27th March -27th April in my eyes. It’s very confusing.

I’m not sure but something to give to support to look into?

Already have :slight_smile:

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Let us know

can you please send me a DM with the email address you used to signup to Monzo?

I would like to have a look at what’s wrong with your account :slight_smile: