Upcoming total committed spend

This has been mentioned in comments on other threads, but not as it’s own request. I’d like to see the sum total of all upcoming committed spend.

Currently my summary reads “your committed spend is X larger than your balance” but my current balance isn’t shown on that page, and I don’t really want to calculate it myself anyway.

Would be nice to know how much in total I’ve committed to spending before my next paycheck.

Seconded. I know the Summary stuff is being reviewed at the moment, so hopefully now’s the right time to mention it. It does seem slightly daft that with all these fancy budgeting doodads that I’m manually totting up my upcoming committed payments.

On Android it shows a total next to committed spend in Summary. Is that not the case for you?

I get a total committed spend, but not a total “upcoming”.
I get upcoming per spending category, but not a sum of all upcoming committed spend.

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Yes, but it just shows the overall total for the month. What we’re really after is a ‘Total you have left to pay this month’.

See the screengrab below - it splits the total into categories and where you have a payment coming up in the month, it says so, but only in the categories and so where you have multiple payments left to come (my screengrab is not a great example as I only have one payment left this month), you have to manually tot them up.


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Not happy with how my screening of payments has made my charity category figure look so small :grimacing: :laughing:

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All charity should be commended :+1: