Summary - Past period information

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We’re working on improving the visualization for past periods in Summary. Right now, when you tap on one of the past periods, you’re presented with this view which shows you at a glance how much money came in, how much went out and how much was deposited into pots.


We’d like to receive some feedback on it to understand if this information feels good enough to you and/or if you think there’s some other information that would be best to quickly digest in the top part.

Thank you!

Not sure how you’d include this but number of days at low balance/in overdraft. That would be an easier way to see how well I’m managing my money


For a Summary I’d like that to cover more than one month (end user to decide time frame) so that I can easily see in a summary if I’m spending more or less as time goes by.

Would be good if the historical summary totals could be rolled into the pulse graph thing instead of the little popup. In, out and pots all on same graph with coloured lines. Could then maybe list the categories below it and allow you to drill down and change the graph from the overall in out totals to category totals. All going back 6 months for example.

Looking at the history for groceries or transport or something specific is way more useful than looking at overall totals for me. I can’t really act on seeing my in went down and out went up… but can if I see my groceries have increased every month for the last 6.

Plus… this would make that graph thing actually kinda useful.

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Ok, before pay dates were introduced:
Clear and easy to understand.

After pay dates:
Messy, not so good. I get paid last Friday of the month (but not any longer due to redundancy)