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At the moment you can see money in / out / pots for previous months, but not the current month. The current month shows how much you have left to spend. I’d like to see a swipe between money in / out and money left to spend on the current month.


Hi @dominickelly :wave:t3:

To clarify are you referring to the total amounts? If so I agree this works be handy. A +1 vote from me :slight_smile:

There’s already a feedback summary thread which you may like to share your suggestion in. Just to keep the discussion all in one place :slight_smile: : Summary - Feedback thread

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Yup. I’d like to see exactly how much has come in and out for the current month at the top like you show it for previous months, in addition to the ‘spent’ graphic. Maybe via a swipe left/right to switch context/views.

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I believe they are planning a new way to display Pots in Summary but it’s on hold while they fix The Big List… when that’s done they’ll be right back on it :slight_smile:

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I’m not referring to pots… I mean the summary at the very top of the app