Summary of Pending Transactions

In the same way that your total spend for each day is rounded up and displayed at the top of each day, it would be helpful to have a summary of how much is due to go out in pending transactions. For example, on the home screen rather than just listing [Company Name] and [Amount], [Company Name] and [Amount] etc. at the top adjacent to PENDING could be the amount

What is the use case for this? Your total already includes the pending transactions.

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The current use case - a joint account into which money is transferred, and needing to know, at a glance, how much money to transfer to cover pending transactions

I dont know how joint accounts work, but doesn’t this already exist with a bills pot? It tells you how much is left to pay from the pot each month, so you know how much to put in :slight_smile:

Bills pot? Not sure what this is, unless you mean, create a pot for bills and then schedule transactions accordingly?


Create a pot and set it so the bills come from that, it’ll tell you what’s left to pay, and you can then just schedule a set amount per month to come from it :slight_smile:

Fair point, although Monzo isn’t my main account, and in instances when you don’t get paid at the same time each month, this isn’t as straight forward as it may have been presumed.

Nonetheless, it may not be an enhancement that is widely needed :slight_smile: when all else fails, there’s the calculator

There was this thread that got merged the other day which is similar

Thanks @phildawson