Next day transactions total value

I was just thinking it might be useful to have the total value of all transactions occurring the next day displayed on the feed. I can see all scheduled payments for the next day, which is really useful, however if there are a lot of items there I have to go through them and calculate the total amount of money moving around myself.

I would like to have a total at the top, where I’ve circled below, so that I can see at a glance exactly how much money is going to be moving around on the next day.

Happy to vote for this, but I think two is the maximum number of transactions I’ve ever had pending. Everyone is different financial arrangements wise on this forum!

Metal card notification :eyes:


Looks like for him, most of them are just automatic transfers to pots. (probably the day after payday)

I see no negative of having a total up there and there’s certainly nothing wrong with saving a few seconds adding stuff up (especially early in the morning!)


This would be great! My direct debits are ever so slightly changeable and the way I manage my money (£50 in current account as a buffer, £50 transferred weekly from a pot for fun spends everything else managed in pots) I don’t have all the money for direct debits sat there waiting. I’ve moved 90% of them for the first of the month. But it would be great to see a total!

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