Pending Transaction Amount Editing

Hi, it would be nice if you could edit the amount for a pending transaction.

The way I manage my money is that I pay myself a weekly ‘wage’ from my main bank account. I then split this in to pots for food, fuel etc and am left with a general amount to spend as I want. This causes problems for the way I manage my money and probably for lots of people who use pots in a similar way.

I think it is a fairly common issue particularly with ‘pay at pump’ in the UK that you’re either charged £1 or £99 as a pending transaction.

It would be good, therefore, if you could edit e.g. a Tesco Pay at Pump pending transaction that is set as £1 ue actual amount you’ve just spent. I would also accept that you could only edit the amount ‘up’ (I.e. £1 might have been charged, but you’ve spent £50 so you set that, but couldn’t set a £99 pending transaction as £50). I really appreciate that won’t help everyone, but it would be a good starting point. This way, the money is earmarked, you don’t accidentally spend it or have any nasty surprises.

Twice I’ve thought the transaction had finalised and then I ended up with a negative balance by accident. For those living on a budget, this could really easily help avoid some problems.

Hope somebody agrees :slight_smile:

I think lots of people agree, whether or not Monzo listen is another thing.

There’s quite a few posts going back over the years where it’s been discussed.

Edit here’s me in December 2018