Transfer suggestion when moving money into bills pots

When moving money to a pot you pay out of, it would be very good to have a list of direct debits, standing orders (eventually subscriptions too) and a total, to help ensure the right amount is transferred. I imagine this would be displayed on the screen where you input the amount you wish to transfer.

It would avoid that annoying cycle of checking Monzo, opening calculator and switching back and forth (which causes the app to reload and require FaceID).

I think this would also help ensure people don’t have to worry about their bills after putting the money aside as they will have added it up themselves using the list, and referenced the total.

I would like to emphasis that a list would be the most helpful due to variable DD’s such as mobile contracts. Only having a total would confuse most people and cause more errors in these situations, but seeing a list would remind you to account for each bill and any extra charges.

Currently on TestFlight for iOS, my “bills” pot tells me how much u need between 01st and last day of the month to cover all bills (minus subscriptions) and obviously will be a rough guide as some DD’s May have had an introductory offer for X month.

The iOS version the wife is on doesn’t have the “running” total required yet, not sure when it will be fully released