[Android] External transfers not shown in summaries

Transfers into my Monzo account from external banks that are then categorised, don’t show in the summary view for that category.

Details to reproduce:
Currently I am using the “Holiday” category to keep track of my holiday spending, some of which includes paying for other people’s meals and then being paid by those people from another bank.

The summary view for a category only shows payments from Monzo accounts and not from external accounts. This issue makes my category total higher than it should be since it doesn’t take into account some repayments.

Android 9 (Lineage OS 16.0-20190606)

OnePlus 3

App Version:

This is expected behaviour (and therefore not a bug), although loads of people also think external transfers should be included in budget categories.

You can vote for the ability to include bank transfers in budget categories here:

Hmm that’s strange.
Thanks, I’ll vote for that.