Add transfers in to budgets

It would be great if “transfers in” with a given category showed up in the category in the spending budget list.

For example. If I pay £50 for a dinner out it gets categorised as eating out, and shows up in the spending summary screen. Then if someone transfers me their share (£25) it should be taken off of my spending summary for eating out. The eating out total should show as £25, not £50.


It does this doesn’t it? So long as you categorise the in transfer as eating out too?

Someone at work borrowed my prime for three gifts here’s the in and the outs of my shopping budget category (one is much further up the summary), equalling out the bill.


Its not showing up for me.

Is it bug on Android?
Or have I done something wrong/have to wait…?

Maybe because it was a non-monzo transfer in?

That’ll be it :slight_smile:

If it’s a bank transfer in, it will not count towards a category (this behaviour might change in the future, I hope it does :pray:) :grin:


There are older threads that I remember with this request but this one came up when I searched. My joint account budgets are already broken just a few days into the month because of transfers to pay back spending and this is from the solo accounts that own the joint account :neutral_face:

Are there any plans to fix this as it really makes budgeting impossible with the current tools :worried:

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