Summary - Feedback thread

(Jack) #668

Hi @fjdimarco1 :wave:t3:

Good news! They are looking at adding more flexibility to the pay dates etc within Summary. I don’t beilive there’s an eta on this yet though.

Hope you’re enjoying Monzo otherwise! :slight_smile:


Yes… I need option to add additional income as well…
And option to set up dates manually

(Mark Dunne) #670

I have the same issue as I’m paid four weekly :frowning:

(Barry Mitchell) #671

Yep yep yep. Paid 4-weekly :wave:

(Harley Thorne) #672

Well I’ve moved full monzo and I’m a huge fan, and i have to say I was really enjoying the summary report counting down the days, and telling me whether it thought i’d have enough money left. However, i’ve hit a huge issue which renders it completely useless unfortunately.

My pay last month was the 28th, but this month was the 27th. Monzo doesn’t seem to have understood that at all. I’m on the last day of the pay month according to the summary i’ve now been paid double for this month and I expect tomorrow I’m going to have an income of 0 for next.

(Joe) #673

If you just set the new payment as the one to go off for the summary calendar it’ll fix it. They’re looking into a solution for this but for now just setting each month when the payment comes in works a treat.

(Harley Thorne) #674

Good shout, thanks. Hope they fix this for future though :slight_smile:

(MikeF) #675

They’re supposed to be catering for a few days ‘wobulation’ around payday to cope with weekends etc.

(Tom Rosbotham) #676

I get paid fortnightly but there’s no option to pay my bills fortnightly. Setting up two monthly payments separated by 14 days doesn’t work, since variable month-length changes what day those payments fall on.

(James) #677

I get paid four weekly, is there plans to introduce this to schedules and budgets, this doesn’t quite work as monthly for me.

(Andy) #678

Hi @J7_DFF someone made the same suggestion very recently so I’ve merged the threads together. I believe this is something Monzo is aware of and planning to improve

(James) #679

Thanks Andy

(Sam Wiltshire) #680

+1 for this.

I am paid on the last Friday of the month and my housemate is paid on the last day of the month. As people above have said, some people get paid irregularly I know that these two frequencies are quite common. I’m also sure adding these in wouldn’t be a very big addition to a near-future sprint.

Because of this restriction, and with the limitations and inaccuracies of the categories feature, the summary tab is not very useful.

(Lesley Sharp) #681

Yes. I definitely second this, being in receipt of random sporadic income in self-employed world. Even regular clients don’t pay on the same day every month.


Still no update on this? I get paid the last working day of the month! I don’t understand how EMMA can do this so well and yet Monzo hasn’t sorted it yet. Can’t we just, erm, piggyback off how they do it? It’s my last barrier to going Full Monzo! I’ll even give up the 48 pounds a year I get from Halifax for getting my pay put in that account!

(Andy) #683

It’s in the plans:

Help you budget and track your spending in a timeframe that suits you, and reduce the need to update Summary every time you’re paid

Watch this space! :eyes: :soon:

(Christopher Amor) #684

+1 for this, flexible pay periods is a must including Friday pay dates i.e last Friday of each month.

(MikeF) #685

Given the presence of transfers both into and out of pots, are there any plans to reflect these either:
a) in the Committed Spending are of the Summary


b) add some kind of ‘committed’ feature to the pots area?

Scheduled money into pots is probably the biggest thing that throws off my Summary at the start of the month (with the variable nature of credit card bills taking over after that).

(Adam Robertson) #686

Ugh, tell me about it…my Summary is all over the place because of credit card payments and repayments from other people.

(Peter Shillito) #687

I’ve just had a brainwave for making summary a bit more useful for those who use overdrafts a fair bit, or even those who go over on their targets but stay in the black:

It would be cool if I could turn on a setting where overspending on categories (mainly groceries and eating out) on one month impacts the next month’s targets, particularly if you’re overdrawn.

I’ve got a situation where I have a grocery delivery after when I get paid at the end of the week, but I have ran out of something (e.g. toothpaste) and I’m overdrawn. What I am going to do later is buy toothpaste out of my overdraft because “I’m already overdrawn, it’s not going to cost me any extra to just get this now”. Summary is going to moan at me now for going over budget and is going to reset my budget when I get paid but I would rather like this to come out of next month’s budget instead (consider it an “advance” on a budget, I guess).