Summary - Feedback thread

(Rob) #21

I’d quite like it if the ‘left to spend’ was based on my target spending for the month rather than the total amount that’s in my account. Because right now sure I have X amount of money to spend in theory but I don’t want to deplete my bank account to 0 every month. As it currently stands I have my salary coming in and then some more money just in my account for emergencies, so I’ll (hopefully!) always have a buffer, meaning it’s not immediately clear if I’m overspending.

(Jack) #22

As you get closer to the end of the month the app shows you how much it thinks you’ll have left if you keep spending at the current rate, Not sure if this answers your question?

(D Lowl) #23

I really like the new summary, but it has the same drawback as the old one.
When I have international incoming transaction (which are quite frequent in my case) they are reflected in the summary. I cannot exclude this transactions (there is no button for that on incoming ones), so the spending is skewed by that amount. Is there a way to show only spendings on that tab? Screenshots for reference

(Mark) #24

Yeah I definitely prefer the old spending tab to the new summary one as do many others it seems. The fact that you are no longer able to disable it as you were before is very disappointing. Enabling this again would give people the choice of the new or old.

(Rob) #25

It kind of does, but it would be nice to see immediately a clear green/orange/red towards my overall monthly goal. Right now I could stay green but spend more money than I earn and slowly chip away at my buffer money without really knowing

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #26

You could turn it on or off in labs so should still be available now

(Mark) #27


(Patrick) #28

Minor issue here but if you change the dates on the summary tab to coincide with your payday, you can now only export statement for these new period? Can you now not export conventional monthly statements?

Also, my export facility has not worked for a while now, is it a known issue or just me?


Same on iOS. Otherwise great work, seems very useful!

For those who may not have a regular source of income (e.g. students), it may be useful to have an overall target, can’t wait for it to return. For now, as an alternative workflow, can transfer a lump sum at the beginning of each month to the account (either from another account or from a pot) and treat it as target.

(Phil Gyford) #30

I don’t really understand how the Summary tab works, compared to the old Spending tab.

I can’t work out what the green, red and grey bar charts at the top of the page (after tapping “This Month”) represent. None of the bars seem related to the amount spent, so what are they?

Please don’t tell me you’ve got rid of the overall monthly spending target… I can’t see it on the Targets page. I don’t wish to get so detailed as to set targets for every category (they vary so much for me) but the overall target has been really useful. Where has it gone?


I’ve been trying to make Summary work for me but it’s impossible. I’m not getting paid by a salary, I just transfer money from my business whenever I need/can.

The previous implementation made sense to me, the only thing I was missing was the “exclude” switch for the occasional “irregular” or holiday expense. Now I just see a red ring all the time.

(Dan) #33

You can get monthly statements under the Account tag, like they were before :slight_smile:


@Jami I have £20+ in Coin Jar but it’s only showing £2. Is this a known bug? :ant:

(Colin Robinson) #35

List appears to be sorted by value but shouldn’t the overspent (i.e. red lines) come first?

(Dan) #36

It means during that period you’ve taken out £2 or added £2 cant remember which…


Aaah okay, so it’s the monthly net balance into Coin Jar and not a running total?

(Jack) #38

Overall target is coming back soon from what I understand.

(Jack) #39

(Jami Welch) #40

We’re designing a flow for this at the moment! For now I suggest putting what you don’t want to spend into a Pot :slight_smile:

(Jami Welch) #41

You’ve taken £2 out of your coin jar this month overall.
We have designs to make this clearer. Coming to sneak peek soon!