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Sorry, I stand corrected!

I think Summary could benefit from some simplification - and maybe walking the user through setting it up step by step. I think that the fact that we’re having this confusion conversation indicates that there’s room for improvement.

That said, I now wouldn’t want to be without it.


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Any update on this? I find the need to have a transaction to set a start date the most frustrating. Why can’t I just choose a date from a date picker?

I’m a stay at home parent and I do a bit of freelancing, but my invoices are paid sporadically throughout the month. I’d like to to set my start date to mirror my husband’s payday to make it easier for us to compare budgets across our personal and joint accounts.

I know I could ask him to set up a standing order to my account every payday but it’s annoying that I have to nag him to do this rather than have control of my own app.


@jexyla , one of our designers has been working on how to improve this flow this week. I imagine she’ll share a sneak peek for feedback real :soon:


Thanks for the update, really pleased it’s being actively looked at :smiley:

I find summary really useful from a budgeting point of view. The “Left to spend” feature is my first place to look. I don’t even focus on my balance anymore. I know that there are improvements on the way to look at setting different frequencies for salary etc. Another improvement for me would be able to either include certain budgets or manual entries into summary. For example if I know that I spend (or budget) £100 on transport and £200 on groceries, I would like to have this come off my “left to spend”. Whilst these may not be recurring or committed spends, they are in the sense that they will have to be spent. So that the “left to spend” really is what I DO have left to spend.


As already mentioned, we’re working on how to make Summary budget periods more flexible. Here’s a sneak peek :eyes:


You’ll be able to choose your preferred frequency and then select either a specific date (if you’re paid on a fixed date) or a specific day (ex. last Friday of the month).

Summary will also automatically adjust to day before or after if your date doesn’t fall on a business day.

This is still WIP, but would love to get some feedback! :slight_smile:


Looking good! Welcome this extra flexibility, think it’s something a lot of people want! Maybe it’s me being thick, but will this work for those paid on the last working day of each month?

Edit: Yes I think it will (struggling to see the screenshots on my work laptop) :tada:


Amazing. This will make a lot of people (me included) very happy!

Looks spot on to me, I presume there will be people wanting more options than just monthly and 4 weekly but I’m sure you can add more options to that if needed. For my current situation, I presume I would pick 26th then before that. Also, just a reminder about remembering about bank holidays incase that isn’t factored in at the moment. Great job though!

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That looks perfect :tada:

Anything planned for those paid weekly?


For my ‘vanilla’ pay cycle, the “weekday before” setting is about all I need on top of what we already have.

I do wonder if there will still be some wrinkles around December. Payday has sometimes been a week early but I don’t see how you can work around that except through some form of transaction matching. (Normally monthly paid on 26th)


That’s great - really pleased it’s being looked at. In terms of feedback, it looks spot on! It’s such an edge case that it may not warrant work, but I know lots of companies that pay their employees before Christmas, even if their usual payday would fall after. It might be worth thinking about how this would affect summary, particularly as Christmas time is often when budgets are most tight.


Good point!

Same with bank holidays etc. too but to be honest I don’t mind with dealing with minor issues like that. I can live with that for the time being providing the majority of pay periods are sorted :smiley:

I think bank holidays should be covered by the ‘working day before’ rule in my case.


This is perfect @jexyla the exact way i think alot of people want this feature to be.

One little thing I’d like to stress is flexible “business day” logic, for example us here in northern ireland will have a few different bank holidays than people in scotland/england/wales so would be nice if you can include this :slight_smile:


perfect, just what I need :smile: when can I have it? :sweat_smile:

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I get paid every Friday :sob: I still can’t make use of summary


Yes, yes, yes. Did I say… YES!!!

:hot_coral_heart: :hot_coral_heart: :hot_coral_heart: :hot_coral_heart:

Looks amazing! Like really amazing, dare I say, perfect! :wink:

Can’t wait to see this in production :smiley:

Think some bank holiday logic would need to be added for some but besides that… I think that is the missing piece of the Summary puzzle! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: If it was done before the end of September that would be great :smirk: (I say this because my Summary ends on the 29th as opposed to PayDay (28th) :joy:)


Is it possible to (have an option to) make the salary payment trigger the beginning of a new budget period rather than setting this manually?