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Those are in the stock pot images

We know that the pots section is still a little bit confusing, but we’re working on some improvements :slight_smile:

I’ll share a screenshot of one of the latest explorations:


Would something like this make it clearer?


I agree, if committed spends moved over into the spending categories once they had completed it would solve this issue.

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When I get paid (as opposed to when i get large sums from others), my notification says “Payday!”. If Monzo can work this out, could it not automatically restart my month?


This would make things a lot easier for people I feel.

Would this be possible @Jami?

I’ve been a big fan of summary so far and this is my second month of having my salary paid in, but today has exposed its massive user experience issues – like many, I’m pain on the last working day of the month so 31st last month, today this month, 31st last month.

If I reset my spending today (and echoing @WillP79 above, given that I got the awesome Payday notification, why hasn’t Spending auto reset?) then it’s expecting that next month finishes on the 28th (rather than 31st) so my entire month of “money left” calculations is going to be out.

Given that over 60% of people in Design Poll: How often are you paid and pay bills? said that they’d paid on a fixed date or nearest weekday it seems really unfortunate that a MVP would be graduated from labs which doesn’t cater for the single biggest user base.

There’s so much promise here, it’s been really useful in month 1 of #fullmonzo, but this is really jarring :slightly_frowning_face:


So if I’m correct at the moment, the pots section calculates what you’ve put into pots over the duration of the summary period? This version calculates how much you’ve withdrawn and offsets it against how much you’ve added?

It’s not reliable yet…
When I got paid by my usual employer I got that notification… then a few days later I got paid my deposit back from an estate agent and it told me I had been paid again :see_no_evil:


Recently Emma the account aggregator released their payday feature. It asked me a series of questions to determine as accurately as possible when I’d get paid. Questions such as are you paid on a fixed date, every 4 weeks, weekly, etc, then it asks you if the date of payment falls on a weekend do you get paid, working day before, after or no change. I didn’t find this experience confusing in the slightest. I hope monzo implements something like this.


I noticed this… I have no idea why Monzo haven’t done that… seemed simple and easy… now the system knows when I get paid :slight_smile:

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Yes, it will offset it against how much you’ve added. Hopefully, with this version, you should be able to spot quickly how much you’ve added and withdrawn in total as well as how much you’ve added and withdrawn for each pot during the summary period.


Something like that would be handy on the actual accounts / pots screen along with a list of transactions.


Any idea on timeframe?

coming soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve never seen the payday notification… but then anything that relies on me being paid on the same day each month is going to fail. I get paid at the end of the month, when they accounts guy does it, which means it varies by 2-3 days a month, but almost always on the last week of the month (except christmas when it can be up to 2 weeks early).

It would be clearer but I don’t like the sideways scrolling. If I’m already scrolling vertically through the summary I’d like it to continue that way for Pots the breakdown. Perhaps this is something where the “More” button would be suitable?

On a side note, it would be great to have these smaller profile Pot Cards on the Account screen where the Pots are managed.

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A further confusion over setting an Overall Budget…

Ideally I’d be able to set the budget to be the total amount I can spend in a month, like the old Target was. But the Budget doesn’t include Committed Spending. OK, so I’ll manually subtract what’s listed as my Committed Spending for the month from my total budget, and then set that as my Overall Budget.

BUT… I didn’t realise the Committed Spending amount can change during the month - for example, I have a direct debit for a subscription which goes out irregularly. So now, every time a payment goes from my account I must: check if it’s listed in Committed Spending; if so, work out whether it’s new to this month’s Committed Spending (how? manually keep a list somewhere?); if so, reduce my overall budget by the amount of this payment.

This seems suboptimal.

@philgyford Is it completely irregular with no pattern at all? If there’s a set number of days between these, you can enter this manually (at least in the beta app). If you tap on the transaction from the Summary page (not your feed), the “Exclude from Summary” switch gets replaced with “Repeating payment” and under that, you can specify how many days/weeks/months is between each payment.

For example, by clicking on my bus ticket (which wasn’t under Committed Spending originally as it wasn’t paid via DD/SO) through the summary, I was able to set it as Committed Spending with that amount to be predicted every 30 days as opposed to every month.

Hope this helps! :yum:

Thanks @rhebden. I don’t have that in my app yet. Because I like to avoid using experimental features. Ideally…!

The payments are usually every quarter, although looking back over past years (when they were from a different bank account) there are occasions when they’re on a day a week or two later for some reason.

I wasn’t sure if it was live yet (I signed up to beta because I enjoy playing around with the new stuff), sorry :sweat_smile: but I know what you mean - it can be frustrating at times when things don’t work exactly right, especially in a banking app - but I signed up for it so them’s the breaks!

I stumbled on this option totally by chance and immediately thought of it when I saw your post. Sorry I couldn’t be more help, hopefully it comes out soon (so you can at least set it to every 3 months to avoid it popping up every month and ruining your budget).

I wonder why the dates have been so wonky, though…

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