Pulse graph not appearing

Hi team,

How do I turn on the pulse graph I have been seeing in all the iOS and Android illustrations?


You need a full calendar month of data, when was the first activity on your card?

My first transaction was 5th of June, full switch completed 12th June, so it’s been a while. Still no graph.

Are you sure it’s not looking her than 1 calender month?

It was always one full month, and this was the case on my JA. It would seem it’s been changed, in which case I have no idea how much data they’d need, sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

Ha ha, some of us wish we could turn it off :joy:

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Thanks for responding nevertheless :grin:

Oh really? Is it buggy?

You need 2 months and 3 days for the graph to show

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So 5 days to go then, thanks for the information,

Though curious to know what people think k of the pulse graph. Why you hate?!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m not a massive fan of it. It’s the blue more than anything I’m hoping it looks nicer on the crisp whiteness of joint accounts!

I like it. Can see patterns in my balance like if I don’t do a big shop I end up spending more overall that week in lots of smaller shops. Not very good the first week or 2 of the month though, I’d like it to be rolling rather than per calendar month


I’d love it if it worked. Mine is glitchy as hell when predicting my future balance.

I 100% see the benefit in having it though.

Don’t expect it in five days, but please let us know if that is the case.

It used to need full calendar months (or used to) so July and August then unlocked on 3rd September. As I said above, it used to just be one full month so please do let us know when it pops up.


It doesn’t predict anything that I’ve ever been able to understand. I’m still waiting for that functionality!


I don’t think it tries to predict anything, just a straight line to 0. It couldn’t usefully anyway since there’s no scale… the position of the line tells you nothing about how much that represents.

it is not buggy, it does what they intended. however I don’t like it where it is (taking up space that should be used for the transaction list) and feel it should be hidden away elsewhere in the app in some stats or reporting tab

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