Suggestion: Put linked accounts to left of Monzo account

So In Monzo Plus if you have a lot of pots it can take quite a few swipes to get along to your linked accounts.

I was in there just now thinking it would make more sense for my linked credit card to be to the left of my main account.

That way a single efficient swipe takes you to either a pot or a credit card/savings.

You can tap the home button and it jumps past all your pots and goes to your joint account. Then tap it again to jump through those pots to go to your connected cards and so on.

If you don’t have a joint account, one tap and you’re at your connected account - zero swipes :raised_hands:


I’d double like that, if I could!

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Or you can pull down to get to the list view and go that way but it’s a tad more effort and less fancy :smiley:

Just tried it and yes perfect solution. :rofl: Thanks!


It takes about 30 minutes for it to scroll through all the pots for both accounts :grimacing:

I meticulously prepared this screenshot - but feels a bit redundant now…


I have quite a few pots now for both of my accounts and it seems that regardless of quantity the transition time is the same? It’s takes 1 second, max 2 :thinking:

Not sure if OS or device has any impact or not :man_shrugging:

I would still like it :slightly_smiling_face: I’d like the pots/connected accounts to loop back around when you get to the end.

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Haha sorry :smiley:

It’s still an idea in itself though, you never know! but hopefully this workaround helps for the time being :blush:

Yeah, I’m just being fussy. I don’t know why it needs to scroll through the pots, instant jumps would be much better. I find going through the vertical list faster

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