Joint Account switcher like business account

I have a normal account, joint account and business account with Monzo.

It’s infinitely easier and more straightforward to switch between the business account and the normal/joint account than it is between the normal and joint account.

How possible is it to change this UI? The joint account is awkward to use as you have to scroll through all your personal pots, and then at the end of the list there’s lists of options for each split out (e.g. creating pots in one or the other). The isolation of the business account is far better and would make it far more easy to use.

What happens when you tap the Home icon? (double tap) That should ‘fast switch’ you?

It does, but it insists on playing an animation scrolling through all my pots first.
This also doesn’t clear up the messiness at the bottom of the accounts screen (2 “create a pot” entries and 2 “earn interest on your money” entries, under different subheadings).

It makes sense as your personal account is connected to your joint one. Business accounts are independent and therefore segregated.

Scroll animation takes a fraction of a second regardless of how many pots you have, or you can swipe down and view your joint account details there :slight_smile:

Well no, I wouldn’t expect a switching mechanism to ‘clean up’ anything, that wasn’t what you asked??

The animation doesn’t take all that long, is it that big a problem?

With 20 pots, it takes about 2 seconds to scroll through, which is noticeably laggy.

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Depending on what account u use most, you can edit settings allowing JA 1st, also if on Android you can hide pots this is still to come on iOS.

I have all 3 accounts I have JA 1st as rarely use PA, my JA has about 7 pots also

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