Slow performance since creating pots

Slow and clunky performance since creating pots

Use monzo as normal for 5 years. Create a joint account 2 weeks ago. Create two different pots last week. Horrendous clunky / jittery / crash experience since
iPhone X


It’s nothing to do with pots.

Apparently there is an issue with the latest version. Do you have linked accounts?

I’m not sure what a linked account is. I have 3 pots. One main account. 1 joint account. Performance is absolutely horrendous when swiping between the separate pots / accounts.

It’s a Monzo Plus / Premium feature. It allows you to view your credit card in app for example.

Ah, right, thanks. No I don’t have anything like that setup. I have had a little lozenge on my personal account advertising that though…

I hadn’t actually dismissed that bubble ad up until now. I’ll just clear it from my screen… I wonder if that will miraculously improve things…

I would call it more like a Fisherman’s Friend, and I cannot stand them either!

Bloody adverts :grimacing: