Suggestion:Abroad withdrawal reset date

Quick idea.

On the limits and allowances page, you could add the date when the abroad withdrawal allowance will reset.

I’ve been travelling with my GF recently and it would be helpful to know when the next fee free withdrawal is.




Could be good. Since it’s a rolling limit I’d guess you’d want to see the date on which your 30 day usage drops below £200 (which might change if you withdraw more cash in the mean time).

Is it as simple as a reset date?

With a rolling limit it may be more complex than that. If you take out £100 every fifteen days then on day 30 you’ll get £100 of your limit back rather than something being ‘reset’.


Well maybe if you clicked the last foreign transaction it would bring a list of dates where the amount changed i.e.

if you took 100 out of the 1st Jan
and another 100 out on the 15th. Jan

If you clicked either transaction on the 16th or another button it would bring you to a list of dates that were
30th Jan limit changed from 0 to 100

15th Feb limit change from 100 to 200

(obviously these change if you have a non sterling transaction)

(I know the the 15th Feb might not be 30 just a estimate)

Already we have the amount remaining.

For example if I withdraw 100 abroad it says 100 remaining.

A ticker that says something like 15 days till 200 available, or ten days until 100 available. Depending on last withdrawal

Or even 100 withdrawn 15 days ago.

I think that’s the simplest way to implement.

The issue with the ticker is what happens if I take £10 out each day for 20 days?

What would it say?

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Good question.

It could say the amount remaining, then a graphic may be a better tool to show further info.

Showing tomorrow x available, next week x available and date when 200 available.

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I’d maybe go one further and say id like a feed item when an update to my rolling limits happen:

“Your withdrawal limit is now £165”
“Your withdrawal limit is now £40. After which a 1.5% fee will be applied” or so on

this obviously includes withdrawals and then when the new rolling limit is updated :slight_smile:

I think this would be good to have if you clicked on Account tab ==> Manage ==> Limits and allowances ==> Fee-free abroad over 30 days:


  • Have a list of every foreign ATM transaction with a “days remaining”/“expires in” or similar count next to each transaction.

Hey there, i found out whilst traveling that Slack Monzo is gone, as I am currently in Mexico that was my line of communicating with the community from abroad, oh well… i noticed
that in the UI its not clearly legible when ATM rollovers occur, and wanted to put that in as a request, i…e when I withdraw for the first in the month (for example the 15th of February 2019) it would be great to have the indicator in the UI on the ATM withdrawal when it rollovers in March, as a counter of sorts… im using it to reduce my withdrawal spend here

Many Thanks

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Or :grin:


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As discussed above, this isn’t a straightforward request as it isn’t simply a single rollover date to be considered here. I think presenting it cleanly would be quite a challenge.

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I dont think its a major challenge.

The logic is obviously there somewhere its just about presenting it… personally id go for making the current limit clickable and then showing small table/dropdown based on the users usage:
£80 left
£110 left in 2 Days
£150 left in 4 Days
£200 left in 8 Days

I think people will ask for similar logic to be shown for the Cash Deposit limit resets and could be done in tandem.

Guaranteed someone will try and take out £110 in 2 days, £150 in 4 days and £200 in 8 days and wonder why they were charged

I didn’t mean that as a literal what it should be :laughing:

I just mean’t a list of the relevant dates and the updated limit balance on those dates. I’m sure someone at monzo can find the beautifully dumbed down words here to avoid confusion.

Pretty sure the Cash limits are updated on withdrawals too so if someone was to withdraw £120 in 2 days in the above example the notification would say they have £0 allowed.

Blame would entirely lay with the user in that case.

Just got back to Europe from Cuba, was offline for a while due to the deep Jungle travel and coast … so basically in the UI posted in the community, if Monzo could adopt a small “date of next free rollover” to the amount of free pounds £ left , that would be fantastic. I accrued a total 43£ charges for January/February for withdrawals in Mexico and Cuba, without Monzo it would have been easily more on Barclays Debit or other European banks I reckon.

Thanks for posting this, a small indicator in the UI for "Fee Free rollover at next " would be fantastic, just to let me know which day it was done first, thanks again