Showing Remaining Days Until Withdrawals Abroad Reset

Using Monzo abroad is one of the best benefits of owning a Monzo, but not knowing how many days I have left until my ATM withdrawals abroad balance resets. We know that it is a rolling 30 day period, but it leaves us to remember (guess) when the 30 days are up and then gamble and incur the 3% fee. This would surely be an easy fix, as we are already shown our remaining balance out of the GBP200.


If you go to the setting icon under the card and then spending limits it tells you how much you have left of your limit. That way you know if you will have to pay or not.

I guess it could be helpful, sometimes, to know whether you have a day or a week until your allowance resets.

Incidentally I still don’t really get how the 30 days window actually works:

Say I withdraw £100 on day 1, another £100 on day 15. Will my allowance reset to £100 on day 31, or will it reset to £200? (I always believed it to be the former, but after reading the blog post again a couple of days ago, it seemed to be the latter. But it’s not very clear to me.)

@edg256 if cash withdrawals abroad are attractive to you, I’d consider starling. You won’t have to think about allowances with them, as they offer unlimited free withdrawals abroad :slight_smile:

30 day rolling limit seems pretty clear to me - from the help section on the phone


you could then search your ATM withdrawals to find out the dates and do your mental arithmetic adding 30 days onto your last ATM withdrawal :slight_smile:


look on the spending limits screen which tells me how much of my £200 free “limit” I have left - this changes automatically as the 30 day rolling timescale kicks in - so you will always know how much of the £200 you have left at any given time :slight_smile:


Monzo could ping you a message on the 30th day, saying you are allowed another £200 today free of charges ??? :slight_smile: but Im sure a lot of users would find it annoying to get messages from monzo every other day to say your ATM withdrawal limits have changed having gone to the ATM every other day to get out £10 :slight_smile:

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I hadn’t seen that article. Thanks. That sounds a lot more like option 1,where my allowance would reset to £100 on day 31,dont you think? I’m genuinely trying to understand this without wasting CS time :slight_smile:


thats how I read it, its a rolling limit of £200 - on the first day of your holiday you withdraw £100, 30 days later you will get this £100 back into your “free” £200 allowance , if you then withdraw another £100 on day 10 you have run out of free ATM withdrawals until 30 days after your first withdrawal, on the 30th day you will have £100 to withdraw free of charges - 10 days later you will have another £100 to withdraw free of charges :slight_smile:


It sounds easy when people talk in nice round pounds. But the reality is you are taking out a foreign currency so the amounts will all be uneven amounts not rounded, so the reality is more like:

£135.79 day 1
£97.53 day 11 (or is it the adjoining day due to the timezone difference?)

Then that makes it almost impossible for anyone to work out the remainder of their rolling balance in their head!


it makes it slightly more difficult I agree :slight_smile:

  • I always use Starling for my ATM withdrawals abroad because its free :slight_smile: lol no not really :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :man_shrugging:

I have used Monzo abroad for POS transactions but now I can not see the point.

If you are taking another card for ATM use, you may as well use that other card for POS use as well!

So Monzo gets left at behind at home.


thats the benefit of different firms offering differing services - everybody is free to use whichever card they choose :slight_smile: Im sure most people carry more than one card in their wallets when travelling :slight_smile: I carry Monzo , Starling , Lloyds, Capital one , Co-op , despite the weight , you never know when one of them is going to be unavailable for use - Visa v. Mastercard :slight_smile:


Agreed. It is just annoying. I had planned to use Monzo as my primary account and move my direct debits and standing orders over. But I don’t want to go back to the 1970s and order foreign currency from a bureaux de change before a trip, I want to access my money thru an ATM so I don’t need to take a lot of money with me and carry it around. So I made Starling my first choice. Personally I tend to use my card at POS all the time in the countries I visit, but it is just the principle, why bother with an account that will charge me 3% for a withdrawal (when it is costing them 1%) IF I ever need cash for some reason, when competitors provide free access to your money. Also rumour has it that one of the other new entrants Amaiz plan to have free European ATM withdrawals too.


I don’t seem to ever go over the £200 limit and if I do I have other cards to use , its no problem whatsoever to switch between cards, I prefer Monzo as I can search my transactions while on holiday rather than scrolling down a list :slight_smile:

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So, about that reset timer…



I try always to pay at POS, and in most Eastern and Northern European countries it is easier than the UK, no silly £5 minimums so you can buy something for €1 and put it on your card.

But if you have to resort to cash, while £200 may be OK for an individual travelling on their own for a family of two adults with children it does not go very far. Another example of Monzo’s design and thinking revolving around young single Londoners rather than their potential mass audience!


:slight_smile: …ok - so back to knowing when rolling limits end :slight_smile:

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What is this Amaize of which you speak? :grinning:

Sorry, without the E on the end…


May have to take a look thanks at the Amiaz.

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I think, that if Monzo was serious about helping their customers avoid unexpected fees, then this could certainly be significantly improved, as it’s all very opaque at the moment.

The best option I could think of is a banner on your feed (similar to how services disruptions are shown). The banner could be (1) dismissable (2) only show when your allowance is less than £200 (ie you have mad a foreign withdrawal in the last 30 days) and/or (3) supported by location data (ie only shown when outside the UK).

It could then show “Your current foreign atm allowance is £115. It will increase by a further £80 on 6th June.” (round all figures down to nearest number to aid comprehension.)


I looked at Monzo for overseas travel but this card limit thing seemed silly. went with Halifax and their fee free credit card. App is Llloyds standard banking app. No margin fx, unlimited fee free cash withdrawals) …