Suddenly being asked for name and date of birth

Today I opened the Monzo app and was presented with a different screen to normal. I usually log in with fingerprint on my Android phone. This time I was asked for email address, I entered it and was told I would be sent a magic link to log in with, when I clicked on that link after reviewing the email from I got a screen in the app asking for my name and date of birth. This is when I suspect something is wrong so stopped. Now I can’t use the app without getting past that screen. Can anyone explain this unexpected request for details already stored in my account?

Are you sure you’re not going through the NEW USER process? Did you press a button when you opened the app?

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Sounds like you’re in the sign up flow. Delete and reinstall and make sure it’s the right email


Hey Alistair :wave: Welcome to the Community!

You would only ever see this screen if you’ve accidentally tapped on “Sign Up” or you’re trying to log in and you’ve entered the wrong email address :see_no_evil:

If you remember the correct email address, then just delete and reinstall the app and try again, but if you’re not sure what it is then just send us an email to and our team will be happy to help get this sorted!

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Been using the app same way for a couple of years, wondering if monzo can confirm that they send emails from, whole app feels different with a video background when I opened it , certainly didn’t click anything at all other than icon to open app.


Actually I did enter a different email than the one I registered with, just checked so hopefully that explains it. will delete app and reinstall.


That explains it - you’ll always need to login with the email registered to the account, otherwise we won’t be able to find your account on our end and the systems thinks you’re a new customer!

If you want to update the email on your account, then once you’re logged in just follow the steps here: :hammer_and_wrench:

Yes all back to normal now, I never have to log in as I use fingerprint so was surprised to be asked for email on a screen I didn’t recognise. I reinstalled the app and verified I’d with PIN and now have access to account again. Thanks for help to everyone who replied.


I’m not monzo staff but yes, automatic emails from monzo come from emails sent from actual employees come from

If you actually go to, you’ll see it redirects to where they explain the above.

On occasions, you can be automatically signed out. Doesn’t happen often but can happen. Looks like that happened to you.

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