Successful chargeback dispute 🙌🏼🙌🏼

maybe out of your knowledge @Rika
, but who gets to decide on how long the merchant has to repay you for non delivery of service .and Im talking Easyjet here , I have requested a refund for a cancelled flight and they have not refunded the fee for around 30 days now , do I show patience and understanding and hope they pay out at some time when they decide its convenient for them or do I initiate a chargeback which could take 3 (? ) months

Thanks you all I will wait on chat hopefully somebody answer quick :slight_smile:

Are you sure? I reported a transaction through that method a few months ago, and after two different agents escalated it to someone else, the advisor had no idea what my query was regarding, and I had to find the time, date, and amount for the transaction in question, only to be transferred a third time to someone who could actually help.

This issue was eventually resolved, but it took much more hassle and time than it needed to.

There is no one limit in reality, but there are rules such as “Merchant must be given X days to refund before you have Chargeback rights”.

30 days is longer than I consider reasonable, so you can consider raising this.

We’re continually rolling out changes here. Some of these changes will reduce or entirely remove that bouncing between frontline and specialist teams. By going through the transaction screen and the self-serve help (which may be able to solve your problem!), we can route your chat directly to the right people and give them the right information, rather than you having to always speak to front line customer service first.


Thanks for clarifying!

Hopefully it’ll improve with time then, because right now it seems to suffer from the same issue thar happens with Amazon, where the agent it connects you with either doesn’t read the information the system asks you for before connecting, or that info just isn’t currently being passed on yet. It results in often having to explain the same thing twice, which is a tad annoying.

Seeing as @Rika’s about, I have a fairly complicated chargeback I’ve got raised with HSBC USA I wouldn’t mind throwing out there for some ideas.

I had a bunch of cancelled flights which for the most part were cancelled entirely back in February. HSBC refunded instantly when I told them that I was getting nowhere with the airlines or agents and I couldn’t even get through anymore.

The complicated one is that I had used the outbound portion of the flight, the return portion was cancelled. How do they chargeback a partial amount? It was a return ticket so there wasn’t even separate flight costs involved it was just the total fare. I haven’t had anything back from HSBC on it yet and they’re still working on it. The agent already confirmed I would be refunded, the airline themselves say that they’ve not had a refund request but that it must come directly from the agent and the agent (GoToGate) isn’t picking up the phone or responding to emails. I understand that they’re busy but mine were cancelled before it started kicking off worldwide and they definitely weren’t run off of their feet back then. I’m assuming they won’t just chargeback the total charge to my card as it would be unfair, I did use one part of the ticket.

I’m going to answer this one very generally because I cannot give specific financial advice, particularly involving other banks.

Partial chargebacks exist, it is possible for your bank to send a chargeback that is only for a portion of the full amount along with evidence and details of what is actually being disputed. This is common for cases such as yours or where a merchant only delivered on part of an order.

Make sure that you explain the situation when you dispute the payment! :+1:


That’s great thanks - I didn’t realise there was a possibility of a partial chargeback. Perfect for this situation.

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Wow that is a lot higher than I thought it would be

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I raised a Chargeback with Monzo recently, what would be nice is to receive an email confirmation that you have submitted one and the details such as amount etc.

How chargeback is different from Section 75 claims?

Are section 75 claims done through the MasterCard network messages too, similar to the chargeback messages?

Section 75 is for credit only, and only for purchases over £100. Essentially your credit issuer is jointly liable for your purchase along with the seller, meaning you can claim a refund from them if you’re having an issue with the seller.

Section 75 protections are by far superior to chargebacks. It’s also worth noting that you can also ask for a chargeback from a credit issuer for purchases under £100 too.

Money Saving Expert have already drawn up a detailed comparison of the two schemes here:

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Hi All,

I have also raised a chargeback through Monzo for a cancelled airline ticket due to Covid-19 flying restrictions.

I had booked a flight in February for March. 1 week before the travel date Norwegian airlines had cancelled my flight and said they were “Processing my refund” this status remained for over a month so I approached Monzo and they raised a chargeback for me.

I approached Monzo because I had received news that Norwegian was in financial trouble.

I was informed by Monzo that it would take 8 weeks to process but would take no longer than 3 months (Usually). Does this mean I will see a refund in 8 Weeks if Norwegian do not challenge the dispute? (Which in my opinion they have no right to)

To date I’ve received no refund from Norwegian so I’m depending on Monzo to claim the ticket price back for me.

Looking forward to opinions/responses/questions.


Hi Alex,

I’m in a similar situation. May flight was cancelled back in April and unfortunately, booked through budgetair instead of the airline, which has always been fine before. The refund was supposedly initiated but it’s now 2 months later … so I raised a chargeback with Monzo.

Monzo’s dispute process is different from the few other times I’ve had to go through it. I’m rooting for the challenger banks here, but this is a time that I actually wished I purchased it through my high street bank. It’s extremely difficult to get an updates, with a different (lovely) agent helping each time, and when you call, you get disconnected after 5 mins and told to try again later. There’s really no point when a queue will be less than 5 mins in the current environment.

I’m hoping to hear some success stories from others that Monzo successfully claimed back travel costs during this lockdown?

There’s a few steps to raising a chargeback now - the quick summary is, after you’ve raised the chargeback

  • We now notify the merchant immediately and they get a few days to refund you and send us details of the refund. If they do this, you’ll get the money back promptly, but not many merchants are signed up to this yet
  • If that doesn’t happen, it can then sometimes take a little time for a disputes COp to get the formal documention in order
  • We submit the chargeback
  • The merchant has 45 days to dispute the chargeback. If they don’t, you win and we’ll release the funds to you in a couple of days (this area is on the “to automate” list)
  • If they dispute it, we have 45 days to request arbitration. It can take a little while as this requires more documentation; depending upon why they’re disputing we may also need to gather more info from you. We don’t always have to - sometimes the basis for the dispute is just factually and blatantly wrong and re-raising it is a no-brainer.
  • They then have a period of time to either concede it or allow it to arbitrate
  • If it goes to arbitration, it will take longer while Mastercard deal with it

So 3 months is a pretty reasonable upper estimate (especially because it’s unlikely for a flight refund to escalate the full way). Note also that Mastercard are replacing arbitration soon - I’m not familiar with the specifics of its replacement, though the operating principles aren’t dramatically different.

There’s some work to be done around making chargebacks more “visible” and giving better status updates in the app, but believe me when I say the majority of the time a chargeback is stuck in the “waiting for the merchant to maybe dispute it state”. There’s also no “concede early” option, which is a bit unfortunate - it would be nice if there was (and even better if there was some kind of incentive to be speedy about responding to chargebacks)


This would be nice. I’ve only done one charge back with Monzo and it was sorted quickly (for a very small amount in the grand scheme of things. A bus company accidentally charged me for a child’s ticket, then charged me for the correct ticket and the refund didn’t come through).

My grandfather is after closing his Monzo account now because Monzo haven’t done anything with a chargeback after 10 weeks. Is there some kind of delay? It’s too long already.

It’ll depend on the individual circumstances of the dispute. But I’d advise him to keep the pressure on Monzo, raise a complaint, and keep his account open until it is resolved.

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I thought that there was a counter-dispute before it goes to arbitration:
-Monzo disputes
-Merchant rejects the dispute
-Monzo submits a second dispute
-Merchant rejects again
-Monzo submits to Mastercard arbitration

I only ask this as I’m on step three (my bank has submitted a second dispute) with Halifax right now. ie it’s not in arbitration

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