Positive dispute experience

I just wanted to pop on an appreciation post for what I assume is an updated dispute process.
The form is automated, asks for receipts and further information and is very simple.
I was expecting to wait at least a week but it got resolved almost instantly and my money is back in my account.

Well done Monzo! :+1:


Refunds up front, that’s new isn’t it?

Nice flow though. That will certainly help people understand where they’re at in the process of getting these things resolved and take some stress out of the situation.


Bear in mind that while Monzo have given you the money back straight away, the dispute itself probably isn’t actually resolved yet. The merchant will have the opportunity to dispute the claim and the money could be taken back out again.

If you look at the help tab it should show your dispute in process and tell you what the deadline the merchant has for disputing it - they have four months, IIRC. your screenshot, you’ll see the merchant has until April to dispute the claim and take the money back from you again.

ETA: read that back I sound a little of a negative nelly, and I really don’t mean to. It’s a fantastic flow and works so much better than having to have a back-and-forth with a COp. I just wanted to manage expectations by noting that the dispute is still ongoing at this point rather than having been resolved.


Yes! Fantastic improvement! They follow the standard process customers expect now, which should result in fewer complaints on this.

I suspect someone is bound to lose a chargeback dispute though and have the money taken back off them, and will hop on here to have a rant.

Can’t please everyone, but this is absolutely the right way be to doing it, and I’m glad to see they’ve made that change, especially now we’re in a cost of living crisis.

If Monzo want to push self service over a chat, this is how you go about it.


They explain this clearly in the flow. I’m aware. However they also say I’m highly likely to win as I provided all void receipts etc.


About to submit a chargeback claim to Starling. Will compare and contrast.


I raised a dispute with Starling for something I’d ordered online that hadn’t arrived. I provided evidence of communication with the merchant who initially responded and said they’d sort it, but then stopped replying to my emails.

Starling didn’t refund immediately, but had reviewed and refunded by the following day (subject to the merchant’s 45 day right to contest).

I don’t think so, I had a dispute with Sainsburys for £3, as the pay via app, took the money, but the transaction failed in the app - sainsburys didn’t give me a refund, but Monzo did. Not quite the £240 here, but still

This was 8 months ago, iirc

Not exactly new, they used to do it like this when they started as a bank.

Then I heard some reports they were no longer doing it upfront, but it’s hard to tell for sure. All banks will refuse to refund upfront in some cases, such as a new or suspect account or one that has lots of chargebacks raised because it’s a risk to the bank. So whether what I saw was just instances of that or a general policy change, unsure.

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From personal experience auto refunds have been around for a while now, not sure on the specific date it was introduced and the parameters for this.

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Many variables why this happens, a repeat claimant for example would not receive a refund up front for the most part.

Ah! I might have been getting mixed up with their approach to reversing a pending charge that’s never gonna settle. So this may not be a new change. Honestly can’t remember now. I think the issue with chargebacks via Monzo was just getting them raised in the first place. Something this new flow also solves.

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