Stripe dynamic Payment Descriptors not displayed properly

When there’s a dynamic payment descriptor set on Stripe, Monzo is not displaying this properly.

For example, if you set the descriptor as* #XXXX where XXXX is the order ID, Monzo will display the transaction as #XXXX instead of

The raw descriptor is shown further down correctly as* #XXXX +44 123 456 7890 GBR but the customers don’t always notice.

This is very confusing to customers and leads to unnecessary disputes.

Monzo is the only bank we’ve come across that has does that and i think you need to investigate and fix.

This is vaguely related to Fix statement descriptors for Stripe-driven payments which has not received any attention for a couple of years now.


Have you tried clicking “Improve name, location or logo”?

With a change or two, their algo should learn of the correct format and start to show for all transactions that match the same format.

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Hi Dan, where would i find this? Is it somewhere on stripe or the Monzo app?

To be clear we’re a merchant that uses Stripe on Woocommerce and we use the standard Woocommerce Stripe plugin.

The solution therefore needs to be something that we change in our site/plugin/stripe or Monzo changes for all customers.

This is in the Monzo app.

Click any transaction inside the Monzo app that’s come through from your Stripe account following the format you mentioned* XXXX

Then look for the “Improve name, location or logo” button on the transaction screen.

Suggest a name improvement, and work through the steps.

It likely won’t happen immediately, but someone from Monzo will manually review your suggestion. If they accept it, it will be changed for every previous transaction matching the same format, and every future transaction too.

I don’t see this option on the app, but still, this isn’t something we need to fix on my device. It’s a bug that affects our customers and they dispute them without knowing they come from us.

Also, I’m saying it’s a bug because Monzo is the only bank that does that

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This change doesn’t happen just for you - it happens for every Monzo customer.

If the transaction is a card transaction, the option should be there.

If it isn’t - can you take a screenshot of what you see?

I’ve attached a photo showing where it should be.

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Alternatively, you can always contact Monzo at and raise the issue there.

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Once they’ve approved your suggestion on how to format the merchant name, it should do it for all transactions, the issue will be getting them to approve it…

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The problem is Monzo thinks the order ID is the merchant name so i can’t report an improvement

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In the merchant name field, where it shows the order ID, type your business name. Then hit the Send button. Add your website too, to make the request more credible during the manual review.

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Thanks, i’ve tried this. Let’s see what they’ll do. I just wonder if that’s going to work for all orders, considering the ID will be different for each order… Will report back when i have some results

The Monzo merchant data algorithm uses pattern matching, not individual unique items on statement descriptions.

E.g a Tesco transaction may be formatted like:

(name)(locID) (locName)


And Monzo knows to strip most of the statement data, and that the merchant for all of these is Tesco, and the logo should be X

And the pattern is setup on a merchant-by-merchant basis.

Just as an update, I’m still waiting for Monzo to update the statement descriptor. It would appear nobody looks at the “Improve name” section.

I had also emailed themand after many days someone came back to me saying they had created a “rule” for us, however, this rule only resolved one of my test transactions, so it probably didn’t take into account the fact order IDs are dynamic…

Still waiting and disputes keep coming in… Completely unacceptable behaviour from a big bank like Monzo…

Updating merchant data isn’t a monzo strong suite.