TFL trying to collect from flex

I lost my monzo card whilst out last week, thought I’d switched Google pay to a virtual card as I’d frozen mine. Google pay went to flex. Transport for London have been trying to take a payment from flex, but it’s not happening because the amount is low. Is there a workaround so that tfl try and take this payment through other monzo means. They’ve tried to get payment from flex on about 4 occasions

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Speak to TfL and ask?


Or ask Monzo? Can’t be the first time for this. And it’s more likely that Monzo understands TfL than TfL understands a credit card that’s not quite a credit card that has a minimum spend…


TFL will understand the concept of a card declining, though. I’d imagine they could take payment from a different card?

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I’ve been waiting 3 hrs for a callback from TFL. Can’t find anywhere on the Monzo app to talk to someone about the issue, it’s why I asked here!

Help. Search “contact”

When they call you back just say you want to pay on another card. I would imagine it’s fairly common.

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I think if your card is associated with TfL you might be able to pay it through TfL online, but I’m not sure tbh.