Enrich detail for TfL transactions

Although I’m primarily an iOS user I have seen a very neat feature in google wallet which actually shows the trip you’ve made on TfL using any debit card in the Google wallet. Given this information must be available, it would be a really nice touch to be able to see this in the Monzo app. So where you see your travel charge for the day, it could even show the route you’ve taken as well. Could then be useful for comparing routes, or just keeping tabs on where you went one day when it costed more. It would also be good as it then removes the needs to use the TfL account to cross reference charges and routes taken, streamlining the user experience


Interesting, I wonder how they obtain this data, particularly where one hits the daily cap


I’m not sure but it is interesting. Attached a photo showing what it looks like…funny even google advertise with Monzo hot coral

I would guess every terminal you touch in at has some form of identifier and presumably location data. I suppose it wouldn’t be hard to then connect the two together on a map with some symbols. Of course making multiple trips per day could make it more complicated but I’d have guess some logical applied to code/algorithm can correctly list the trips in order and their start and end. Although that said I’m no developer!

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TfL have that data and you can see it in your account. But they don’t charge/authorise the card every time you touch in/out. They authorise the first time you touch in in a day, for £0.10, then settle at the end of the day for the full journey value.

If it’s a single trip they could include a reference that could be decoded but I don’t see how multiple journeys/a day cap could be captured. I’d love to know!

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I imagine it’s using your phones location to ‘guess’ on the details.

Unless Monzo are hiding it in from the dev portal, I can’t see anything that would allow that natively.

Few years back, I wrote a script that would take the export from TfL and import it into Monzo. It worked well then covid happened and I’ve not bothered with it since.

Edit:: that’s what it would do


Does this happen in Apple Wallet; or is it a tie up between TfL and Google?

Doesn’t happen in Apple Wallet and as said above, unless proven otherwise, it might just be the phone guessing the journey based on where it was used.

Yeah it could be tying into Timeline, but there is also a big advertising campaign for Google pay and TfL at the mo

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