Stolen card

Hello All,

How do I report/confirm to Monzo team that my card has been stolen?

thank you

Swipe down in the app. Freeze the card. Request a replacement (I think that will ask you for the reason).

As above. The freeze button is underneath the big picture of your card.

yes , I have seen such button.

But in my own country (not UK) I need a kind of document released by the police as proof

Follow the above steps first and foremost to secure your account then chat to Monzo in app to request whatever documents you need.

Are you in the US?

Were there any fraudulent transactions?

I am in UK and there were no transactions.

My head hurts up there you’re not in the UK and now you are

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I’m confused. What document do you need from Monzo then? Proof that they replaced your card?

in my own country if I lost or the card has been stolen

    • block the card
    • go to the police which will give a document saying that the card bla bla bla
    • with this document I apply for a new card

lol see how you can read messages …I read it as in my country of origin I need a police report to prove Ive lost my card :slight_smile:


Not here

Just replace your card in the app

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You don’t need to do this in the UK. Just order a replacement directly with Monzo.

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That’s unnecessary in the UK. Just freeze the card and ask for a replacement.

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I see! :laughing: My bad! :see_no_evil:

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thank you :).

same procedure for documents (as passport, driving license). If you lose or has been stolen, the police gives you an official document that is used for

  1. black the old document
  2. get a new one

been in this country for a while, but so far I have lost nothing :).

sorry if I made any confusion.

No problem it was me that confused things and I learnt something new today about how card replacements work in other countries.

Out of curiosity which country is this?


Same things with checks ( is anyone still using them?!?!). With those even more documents, because there are serial number associated with each of them

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in fairness we should report lost or stolen passports here as well , but there is no legal requirement to do it …but Im going off topic …

I’d love to live in Italy or Japan.

They’re my top two favourite destinations I’ve travelled to :heart: