DD not accepted

Trying to set up a direct debit online last night and just tried again today with Littlewoods and got the error message below, I’d not realised when I did the current account switch in December 2019 that this DD didn’t transfer over at all. I’ve not used the account in months to be fair so it had a zero balance, only noticed last night when I purchased something and thought oh yeah I’ve not seen this DD in my Monzo account. Suppose I’ll have to ring Littlewoods tomorrow to see what a human says 🤦

Sorry, something wasn’t right there.
We can’t verify your bank details. This could be your bank account does not accept direct debits, it could be a savings account.
Or the name and address on the bank account is different to your Littlewoods account.
Or your bank does not share their data so the verification will come back as a fail.
Speak to your bank or we can try another bank account.

Littlewoods isn’t classed as a gambling site / you’ve blocked gambling transactions ? …showing my age with spot the ball and the pools :slight_smile:


Might be worth starting an in app chat with mozno as well

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Ha ha certainly are showing your age, I’ve not got that block on so couldn’t be that to be fair as I’ve for a National Lottery DD set up

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Yeah I’ll do that tomorrow I think after ringing Littlewoods to see what they say, probably the same as the website but might as well raise it with them as they can always pass it on to their payments team to investigate

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If you completed a switch to Monzo as part of the in app switch then this is fully covered - Monzo will sort it out for you.
Your covered also if there have been any charges at all.
Only thing to mention some organisations after 12 months do sleep your DD.

That’s the thing it’s not there and the DD at Littlewoods side wasn’t pointing to Monzo in the 1st place, that’s irrelevant now as I’ve cancelled off that mandate at the Littlewoods end and will ring them tomoz to point out there’s a glitch in the system and it’s refusing to accept the Monzo Bank account

You can’t get starling as DD either with them.

Looks like they’re using an older system then which doesn’t recognise them as banks that can have a DD set up, I’ll see what they say tomorrow

Or your bank does not share their data so the verification will come back as a fail.

(Share their data with who? :thinking:)

This could be it, we often find that any places still not accepting the Monzo sort code are using some 3rd party “verification system”, particularly when it is tied to a credit checking system.

In our experience, getting the company’s support to manually enter the details seems to bypass most of these restrictions.

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Attempted to ring them today but it it’s approx 30 min wait to get through and they only really want urgent issues to deal with, not exactly urgent for me to sort out a direct debit issue, can still pay with my card so that’s not an issue at least

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So after trying on a regular basis since posting I’ve just this minute finally got it to accept the details for the DD.

Problem solved, I never did ring them as they only wanted urgent calls due to Corona.