Sticky Expenses Category Annoying

If I mark something as an expense, Monzo automatically tags every future transaction from that merchant as an expense as well. Could this be switched off as it doesn’t match reality.

You can change it back to the original category and will do that for all future ones

Yeah but an expense is a one off. I don’t want to have to change it back every time.

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Starling give the option to change the category of a particular transaction just once or for all future transactions at the same merchant.

I do think something along these lines would aid budgeting in Monzo.

I’m struggling to absorb how a ‘one-off’ becomes a chore ‘every time’?


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I can understand this.

Let’s say you expense stuff from Tesco twice a week, but then shop at Tesco normally three additional times a week. It would seem easier to tap to expense those two than to tap to expense the first, then tap to unexpense the next then tap to expense the next, then to unexpense the next… If you see where I’m going.

Additionally, if you expense say, Sainsbury’s, once on a trip, then go about your life forgetting that you did it and shopping at Sainsbury’s, you could end up suddenly noticing after several more trips there that they’ve all been expensed, especially if it’s somewhere you don’t go that often. You then end up having to go back and change each one separately afterwards. As a person who very rarely expenses stuff (like three work trips ever) this has happened to me a couple of times.

I think that in an ideal world, all expensed transactions would be in a category like normal but then in addition, marked as an expense. Then on budget/summary still showing them as a separate category, but when you click in you see the categories within. This could help with keeping track of expense spending too. Perhaps also have so you can auto mark all purchases between X time and date as an expense.

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