Transaction Categories - Automatic Selection Inaccuracies

(James) #1

Sainsbury’s is on the way back from the train station and so I often buy lunch and categories these as expenses during the working day. However, when I visited Sainsbury’s one evening last week I found that my transaction was automatically categorised as an expense (presumably because all/the two prior transactions were).

It actually took me a little while to figure out that this was the case. Although I imagine it’s not an easy problem to solve entirely for everyone, I wonder if there’s a better way of handling this? I can’t help but feel that on aggregate Sainsbury’s is more likely to be groceries than expenses. On an individual level yes, I may have made two prior transactions at Sainsbury’s and marked them as expenses but I feel the probability of them being expenses is still low (particularly if my transaction is outside of office hours).

In any case, I’m finding categorising things as expenses very useful!

(Rika Raybould) #2

I’d add to this that Sainsbury’s purchases for me come under both Eating Out (cafe) and Groceries (main shop). Nearly every time I have to change it back to the other one.

Expenses should probably not be automatically categorised though. Too many variables that are unknown to the system to decide that (could be added as an action to the notification though).

(Hugo Cornejo) #3

You’re both totally right, thanks :slight_smile: Our automatic categorisation system is still very basic (alpha yo).

We need to consider expenses a “special category” and not apply the same rules. Probably not just regarding auto-categorisation but a few other bits and pieces where we know we have still some friction (mainly “Spent today” and “Your spending”).

(Alex Clark) #4

I’m sure it’s already been suggested elsewhere in the community, but the ability to add custom categories would also be good or an extended set of available categories. i.e. Alcohol, Health and Fitness, etc… I’ll concede you’re still in alpha and this may be on the way; the expenses option is :clap: :clap: though!

(Saveen) #5

I bought a tea during a work meeting today. As the location was a hotel the transaction got categorised under ‘Holidays’ :sunny::sunglasses::tropical_drink:

I appreciate the connection between hotels and holidays but perhaps categorisation needs to be more contextual?

amount = small
location = London (where most of my purchases take place)

Therefore, probably ≠ Holidays


I’d like to be able to default a merchant to a category. For example my company uses the Yoyo wallet for its cafeteria. 100% of my Yoyo transactions will be “eating out” but Monzo seems to default it to “Entertainment”. So some sort of override would be helpful.