Hey Guys,

At the moment purchases are automatically tagged to a category. This is great. I do have one problem with this however. I have noticed a few times were an item has been tagged as an expense because I tagged it previously as one, but it actually was not an expense. For example, sometimes I will use the tube for work (i.e. something I need to expense), and then other times for my own personal use. If I used the tube for work and tagged this as an expense it will show as an expense the next time I use it for personal use.

Another example would be when I am working late and can expense dinner. If I go to Pret for a sandwich (i.e. something I need to expense) and tag this as an expense, it will then appear as an expense the next time I go to Pret and can’t ‘expense’ what I bought.

Would it be possible to tag such transactions as ‘transport’ and ‘eating out’, and then if this is an expense I can go into the app (or from the home screen as suggested previously) and tag this as an expense. This would also reduce the amount of times I have to go into the app to change the relevant tag.



I believe this was already addressed in this thread. Check @hugo’s response and see if that satisfies this issue.

I definitely agree though, expensing should be a manual selection unless the system is VERY confident that you always expense transactions with that merchant. People get in to trouble if they expense more than they’re allowed to and rules about when/what/where differ even within companies.