Recurring Expenses Categorisations

Currently when I tag a transaction as ‘expenses’ the app will of course remember that however it then tag every transaction from that merchant as an expense.

Clearly not every tine I buy lunch from Greggs will be expenses, so are there any current plans to update the categorisations to cater for this?

A simple option could be to change the ‘flag as expenses’ behaviour to default to per transaction rather than per merchant.


I second this.

I think something like this would solve your problem:

Hopefully this is still in the pipeline.

That sounds about right. The main improvement area is an option for per transaction/per merchant

Yeah, I would like this expenses “toggle” too. It’s very difficult to quickly tag and find expenses otherwise, particularly as if I use the built-in Expenses one, non-relevant charges from the same vendors would also be wrongly flagged as Expenses.