Make expenses a 'tag' or 'toggle' rather than a transaction category

Would there be a way to change the ‘expenses’ category to a tag of some sort instead of a category?

Right now when I mark something as an expense, it then automatically always marks those kind of transactions as expenses in the future… e.g. if I take the train for work as a one off, it keeps marking this form of travel as expenses going forward.

Having ‘expense’ as some kind of tag or toggle for each transaction, rather than a category, would also mean you could see how your expenses are split by category (e.g. food / travel etc.) which would be very useful as often people have to submit their expenses based on a category.

Appreciate you can’t have more than one category assigned to a transaction, as that would end up being very complicated so thinking this might be an alternative solution? I’m probably not thinking about why this isn’t as simple as it sounds, or is an edge case request, but interested in your thinking either way!



You could just use #Expense to tag them in-app, and then just categorise them as normal?

I remember seeing designs of a toggle for Expenses and Holidays so a train taken on holiday could be categorised as Travel and have the Holiday toggle selected too. These toggles would be a fantastic feature.

The designs are in this blog post.


It’s also mentioned in the Summary labs feedback thread:


Yeah, I would like this expenses “toggle” too. It’s very difficult to quickly tag and find expenses otherwise, particularly as if I use the built-in Expenses one, non-relevant charges from the same vendors would also be wrongly flagged as Expenses.

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