Sterling Monzo to Euro Revolut -?

Hi I have to pay a relative in Eire a small amount of money (less than £50) they have Revolut in Euro’s. What is the best and cheapest way to send money as its only a small amount anyway. :grin:

I’m no expert, but aren’t all Revolut accounts multi currency? If so, isn’t it a case of transferring the cash to them using the UK sort code and account number associated with the account, then them doing the switch to euros in Revolut?


Cheapest and easiest way is to deposit money into Revolut using your card or Google/Apple Pay and just send it to whoever on Revolut in Euros. Instant and no fees. Exchange rate is generally what you see on Google (mid-market). You can send it in £‘s and let them send it or send directly in €‘s and you’ll see the conversion yourself.

Transferwise is very quick and will cost around £0.59 to send that I think.

I’ve never used Revolut, but according to their website, your relative should be able to send you a payment request link, and you can then use your Monzo debit card to make the payment. That’s probably the simplest way, and you’ll pay at the Mastercard exchange rate.



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