Any providers do £ and euro accounts you can move money between?

oh and also has real bank account details for both so its easy to move money in and out of both to uk and eu banking systems? i thought monese could but it seems not.

is there any out there that can?

There’s probably a few, but TransferWise Borderless allows this.

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as i understand it, it doesnt, cant sent out payments from the euro side like a real bank account can or am i mistaken?

Revolut have IBAN for Euro :euro: account and sort code/account number for GBP :pound:

Fineco has multiple currency accounts in GBP, CHF, EUR and USD all with full unique bank account numbers

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Fire Bank

There’s this. Im not too sure if it does exactly what you want. You do get a sterling and euro account.

Just make sure you take a look at the fees. As its an Irish bank it charges for certain things that are normally free in the UK.

You get your own German IBAN with TransferWise and a UK one with Revolut. Both of their GBP accounts don’t come with an IBAN. GBP to Revolut are quite slow, whereas they are virtually instant with TransferWise - they are the first fintech e-money institution to have gained direct access to the Faster Payments system via new regulations.

I’ve sent payments to a Euro account with Transferwise Borderless. I assume payments to GBP accounts work just as well.

HSBC do this

Whilst not available just yet I believe Starling are looking at announcing a Euro account in the new year.