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Does anyone know how to stop getting updates from
Have replied “STOP” to numerous messages but they keep on coming. Closed my Monzo account a while ago and have no need for these updates anymore.

Thanks in advance.

(Rika Raybould) #2

Could you send your mobile number to asking to be removed from the Statuspage updates?

We recently discovered that Statuspage have trouble handling STOP messages from certain mobile networks but we can remove your number from the list manually. So sorry about this.

(Andrew Schofield) #3

They have a problem handling them but you’re still charged :frowning:

(Kelvin Williams) #4

Early on in the prepaid card stage I picked up on the Monzo Status page at and subscribed to updates. When I joined the Current Account Beta test, I found the Monzo Bank Status page at and subscribed to updates there also, in case they were different.
Last night I received texts for the ‘slow’ issue from both Status pages. Now that I have moved to the full Current Account, and deleted the prepaid App, I only need status updates for the full Current Account, which I presume to be at as we are no longer Mondo, so how do I unsubscribe from the Prepaid texts at Both pages only have a button to start a subscription but not to remove one.


End-users can unsubscribe from SMS notifications by replying STOP. (Note: some international carriers don’t play nice with sending “STOP” messages, which may require those numbers to be unsubscribed through the UI by a Statuspage admin/team member).

(MikeF) #6

Contact COps in-app and let them cancel it for you.

On another matter, I hope you haven’t deleted the prepaid app since that’s the only one that’s going to work with current accounts going forward.

(Kelvin Williams) #7

You’re right, it was the test Current Account App I deleted, not the Prepaid :wink:. I think of that as the Current Account App now. I’ll try the ‘STOP’ route first to see if that works before bothering COps.

(MikeF) #8

I beleiev that sends an international text message so there may be charges involved.

(Kelvin Williams) #9

You’re right, 25p. Oh well.


Just a tip on this; Monzo CA status alerts are tagged as [Monzo Bank status] and PP are as [Monzo status]