Discontinuing status page SMS notifications in favour of @MonzoStatus on twitter

(Nicholas Robinson-Wall) #1

:mega: We’ve posted a notification on our status page that we’ll no longer be sending SMS updates for incidents we post there.

We’ve been running the @MonzoStatus twitter account in parallel with SMS updates for a while now, and we’ll continue to post updates there :bird:

We made this decision primarily because we want to reduce friction for our on-call team (hello :wave:) when we want to post status page messages. At the moment the person posting a status page update has to select which communication channels are appropriate, depending on the incident and message being posted. We recently open sourced our internal incident handling collaboration tooling and are in the process of integrating it with our status page.

A secondary concern was that the SMS delivery did not seem very reliable - we’ve noticed a number of occasions where alerts simply haven’t come through.

Monzo stopping text notifications for bank being down
Monzo stopping text notifications for bank being down
(Kolok) #2

Why wouldn’t monzo build their own status page considering their pricing?

Really wouldn’t take much to build a basic one.

SMS alerts are very important in my opinion.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

Thanks for the explanation :raised_hands: It’s a shame that there isn’t an alternative that’ll let people receive alerts while they’re abroad with no data connection.

(Jack) #4

I think it makes sense from the viewpoint that SMS subscribers got alerted to issues that they would otherwise not be effected by as they weren’t using the service at said time.

This is one reason I unsubscribed.


What if you don’t use Twitter?

(Chris) #6

We display incident information within the apps too, so no customer will miss out on important information.

(Nathan) #7

How many times have you been alerted in this way for you to think its too often and to unsubscribe?

Personally, having access to my money is a massive priority to me so if any such issues or barriers occur even if they wont actually affect me at that moment I’d like to know about it.

Have never actually received an SMS alert, more so a guessing game when something wasnt working as it should be I then have had to look on here for posts as I don’t use Twitter.

(Emma (still not the app)) #8

Except if they have no data and only sms access. Admittedly it’s not as common these days but it does happen

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #9

Where is the line drawn for this please?

When there was a huge acceptance issue effecting all Asda stores across the country, that lasted for weeks, it was deemed unnecessary to notify in app.

Likewise with the recent gambling sites payment issue.

(Nathan) #10

This :clap: It’d rather have too much information than too little when it comes to normal banking status

I shouldnt have to search to see if my bank is having issues, i should just know.


Not always.

(Emma (still not the app)) #12

That wasn’t the bank having issues, that was an issue before it got near Monzo.

If it’s a problem Monzo have then yes, it should be in the app. If it’s a retailer then in the help section seems fine

(Peter Shillito) #13

Got an SMS about SMS notifications being discontinued :upside_down_face:

Interestingly, IFTTT have also removed their “SMS” service from letting you create new applets with. I guess I’ll do some investigating…

(Rika) #14

From a card payments perspective (which is my team here at Monzo!), anything that affects all customers and/or a wide range of merchants is a banner on the app’s homepage. For example, all card services being unavailable, all online purchases failing, an entire large acquirer getting disconnected from Mastercard, or all ATM withdrawals failing.

Issues that only affects a single merchant or only a small (relative to all active users) is placed as an article in the help tab of the app.

I feel like this strikes a good balance between alerting potentially nearing two million people everybody every time one merchant has problems and letting those who are affected by the issue still be informed.

One thing we could do is to look at alerting only people who recently made a transaction at a specific merchant about issues there but today, that’s only been used to send feed items and emails when an airline collapses and we don’t have that fine grained control of who receives our status page banners yet.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #15

Cool, thanks @Rika :+1:

Do you think the new notification centre be utilised as part of this too? The help section (for me anyway) is never visited :slight_smile:


I’ve just turned on Tweet alerts for the Monzo Status twitter account instead :blush:


I’ve asked for it previously but is there any chance of getting a notification on my phone for anything that is banner worthy? I’d rather know before that the Mastercard network is down (for example) than at the till.

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(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #18

A queue of angry people in front of you might be a clue. :+1:

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(Jack) #19

During the prepaid days there were a fair few.

If I’m in work and there’s an issue that lasts an hour I don’t really care. I’m in work I’m not using the service at that moment so I need not know about it.

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(Rika) #20

We do have a mass-notification method if something that extreme ever happens. :sweat_smile:

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