Have to change from iOS to Windows phone

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At work we are changing from ios to Windows phone
I know that it is only available on ios or Android so the dilemma begins.is there a Web site version available or are we locked into ios
It has been so great to see where I spend and how much
But really need to carry just one device
Web interface now!!! please :sunglasses:

(Marcel W.) #2

I believe they are working on a web interface :wink: I am afraid at the moment IOS and Android are the only two operating systems that you can use :monzo: on :cry:

(Herp Derp) #3

Windoze phones O_o lol

(Alex Sherwood) #4

As someone whose company just switched from Windows phones to iOS, I’m sorry to hear that!

It’s a bit techy but unless you can get hold of an Android or iOS device, you’ll have to use the API to check your account for now. You can use the API Playground to view your transaction history & check your balance.

Or if you want a more readable interface, create a Client on that site & then use one of these apps -

I’m not sure about all of them but Mondo Dashboard definitely works.

I know you’ve seen this but for the benefit of other users, as Marcel mentions, a web interface is on the way -

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