Monzo on Android / One Plus 6

So this happens to my iPhone today, Apple wants £550 to repair it. So I decided to leave it. Can’t justify spending so much money on a swap out after I spent £999 on it.

I am looking to jump to Android, and have my eye on the one plus 6. What are your thoughts? What is Monzo like on Android?


Not sure about the one plus 6 but I have a pixel 2 as my work phone and it’s fantastic


Monzo on Android is bit behind especially on search. iOS search is really great on Monzo app.
Big list has Android parity commitment so it’s not too far I guess…

Check out @MakingMonzo’s Tweet:

OnePlus 6 is a great phone. I have that and really can’t complain at all.

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The only thing that puts me off is the camera and the screen unlocking. I have heard that you can unlock the phone using a photo of your face.

I can’t comment on the OP6, but I use a Pixel 2 XL, and I like it. Android does allow for much more freedom :slight_smile:

The Android Monzo app is a bit behind the iOS app, but it’s improving. The major omission right now is the lack of fingerprint for payment authentication.

Also, if you use Apple Pay with any Barclays cards, be aware that they don’t support Google Pay and you have to use their own (crappy) apps.


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Don’t pose for photo’s with muggers then :grin:

Well I am not sure how true is that or how easy is that to fool OnePlus 6 with a photo. I tried but didn’t work. There have been few updates and patches since release so they might have fixed it.

Camera is not like Huawei or Pixel but it does a good job imo.

You do have to remember when comparing about the price :grinning:

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O I didn’t know that about Barclays. Fortunately I am not a customer. The freedom is something that really draws me in. I have been in the Apple eco system for 8 years now and I am bored of the tired UI

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My OnePlus 6 is the best phone I’ve ever had!

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And this is why I enjoy paying my bank £9.99 a month for a few benefits. Mobile insurance is worth every penny with the current costs of mobile devices.

Also use the travel insurance for winter sports etc and it pays for itself.

I know people frown upon it but in my situation it’s worth it.

I’d recommend the Pixel 2 XL, too :grin:

iSmash are doing screen repairs for £269 -

Not covered by Apple Care or household insurance?

Also in the Pixel camp, but I did play around with the OP6 in the O2 store yday and I was impressed!

Thanks for your advice. So I purchased the OnePlus 6 today and love it. I even think Monzo looks so much better compared to the iPhone :grin:


It’s really is spectacular!

Sorry for your loss! Did you have a case/screen protector?

Massive bump for the OnePlus 6. You won’t go back to iPhone.

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I’ve used many devised and operating systems. I like the concept of Android but hated Android lol. Then I discovered OnePlus! The greatest device I’ve ever had and OP6 is a fantastic device :slight_smile:
Monzo works brilliantly on there too!

Even my housemates who are all avid Apple supporters have said the ONLY Android device they would be happy with is the OnePlus range, go for it :smiley:

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